Welcome, Penhaligon's AlUla

A new scent for those seeking serenity and sanctuary. Ah, Penhaligon's AlUla. The vanilla winds whisper like A-lU-la-by. Born of sand and drenched in sky, an oasis appeared before us.

A story of date palms swaying in a harvest wind, bringing with it the scent of citrus and fig. Plum and spice. Incense and saffron. A history steeped in spice markets and spirituality. Tales of creativity and community spun into a cultural tapestry.

Sanctuary at last, for those that travel the incense road.


The Notes

Warm plum, ripened in the vaporous heat, meets a mirage of patchouli tinged with turmeric. Cardamom caves its way in stone, spice and saffron sweep across the desert.


A Traveller’s Companion

A monolith of scent made miniature, but no less mesmerising. Penhaligon's AlUla arrives with more treasures in tow, a pocket-sized paradise for one's travels.


Carve Their Name

A gift from afar for noses seeking a spot of adventure. Present them with Penhaligon's AlUla. Engrave their name or personalise their scent with leather sleeves in bold hues, golden monograms and delightful charms.


Reuse & Make New

Follow your nose to a brighter future with Penhaligon’s Fine Refills Service. Simply, bring your empty bottle to select stores for a fresh top up.


An Exploration of The Incense Road

Take one’s nose on an olfactive expedition with the decadent ingredients found within the Trade Routes collection – now featuring the new eau de parfum, Penhaligon’s AlUla .



So this is love. A mysterious perfume heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.



Damascena rose, patchouli and saffron perfume this ancient, sensual city.



A mirage of plum and patchouli offer an oasis amid a saffron desert. Explore the Incense Road...


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