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Avoid the remorse of a sale that passes overhead and instead, indulge in our gift sets, available at a special price you won't want to miss! 

A Day In Halfeti Gift Set

Sunrise in Halfeti, brought to you by a gift set of a 30ml Body & Hand Wash, Lotion and 10ml scent.


Luna Teatime Gift Set

Luna greets you with her floral 5ml scent, 30g soap and a Teacup Charm. A divine gift set, indeed.


Quercus Uplifting Gift Set

Quercus takes flight in a gift set of its 5ml scent, 30-gram soap and a Hot Air Balloon Charm.


A Crisp Cocktail Gift Set

Was £118. An Eau de Toilette and Wash scented with fresh juniper, black pepper and angelica.


A Trio Of Bath Soaps

Was £72. For an exquisitely rich lather and fragrant finish, indulge Penhaligon’s trio of Bath Soaps.


The Bath Of The Black Rose Gift Set

Was £80. Bathe in the river of Halfeti with the Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.

£52 2 items

The Countryside Oak Gift Set

Was £86. A gift set of some sophistication, scented with basil, lemon and a woody depth.


The Daily Ritual Gift Set

Was £145. Being impeccably scented: it’s become a habit. Spurred on by a gift set of four glorious elements.

£99 3 items

The Dewy Dreamer Gift Set

Was £107. A handsome duo scented with coffee, lavender and bergamot laid on a bed of suede.


The English Springtime Gift Set

Was £131 Bask in an oak’s shade and experience fresh bursts of citrus fruit and basil.


The Goddess Of Stars Gift Set

Indulge in an ethereally floral scent with Luna’s Hand Cream, Body Lotion and Soap.



Was £140. Experience the divine scents of exotic lands, with this trio of Trade Route gifts.


The Marlborough Soak Gift Set

Was £103. A grooming experience like no other, with fresh bursts of citrus and black pepper.



Indulge in a trio of the Moon Goddess’ treats, scented with bergamot, jasmine and musk.


The Rain In Halfeti Gift Set

Was £223. A vigorous Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash, heady with rose, citrus and spice.

£185 2 items

Adventures In The Forest Gift Set​

 Was £128. Forage along the forest trail with your Marmalade Atomiser in hand.

£108 3 items

Artemisia’s Travelling Trail Gift Set​

Was £139. A gift set of Artemisia in 30ml, Body & Hand Wash and Pink Travel Atomiser. 

£118 3 items

Climbing With Quercus Gift Set

Was £89. Citrus and woods. A gift set of 30ml cologne and a Hand Cream to soothe and scent skin.

£75 2 items

Put Your Hands Together Gift Set​

Was £72. A gift set of Penhaligon’s three fabulous Hand Creams. Luna, Quercus and The Favourite.​

£60 3 items

Sky At Sunrise & Sunset Gift Set​

 Was £180. Travel well-scented, sunrise to sunset, with two Travel Atomisers and two handsome gents – Quercus and Endymion in 30ml.

£152 4 items

Splendours of the Savoy Gift Set​

Was £80. Behold! Penhaligon’s quintessential floral trio of luscious lotions and perfumed potions.​

£74 2 items

The Curious Cocktail Gift Set

Was £224. A gin-scented muddle of Body & Hand Wash, Body & Hand Lotion and eau de toilette. Drinks all round!

£190 3 items

The Debonair Dreamer Gift Set

Was £182. A sparkle of bergamot, coffee and suede in an eau de parfum and Body & Hand Wash.

£109 2 items

The Exotic Lands Gift Set

Was £356. Drift on a rosy breeze of time with Halfeti and Cairo 100ml eau de parfums.

£312 2 items

The Goddess Luna's Bath Gift Set

Was £80. A bath ritual fit for a goddess. Her scent imbues the Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.

£68 2 items

The Goddess Luna's Ritual Gift Set

Was £232. The Moon Goddess’ bath ritual - eau de toilette, Body & Hand Wash and Body & Hand Lotion - perfumed with orange, jasmine and fir.

£139 3 items

The Goddess Of The Hunt Gift Set

Was £182. A rush of nectarine, violet and caramel in her parfum and Body & Hand Wash gift set.

£178 2 items

The Halfeti Ritual Gift Set

Was £258. So this is love. A mysterious trinity of eau de parfum, Body & Hand Wash and Body & Hand Lotion.

£217 3 items

The Luscious Libation Gift Set

Was £182. A double shot of juniper freshness. An eau de toilette and Body & Hand Wash to stir up any gin lover.

£154 2 items

The Mighty Oak Gift Set

Was £148. Bask in an oak's shade with this woody cologne and Body & Hand Wash.

£126 2 items

The Moonlit Mist Gift Set

Was £182. The Moon Goddess’ bath ritual - eau de toilette and Body & Hand Wash.

£114 2 items

The Mythical Morning Ritual Gift Set

Was £190. An eau de cologne, Body & Hand Wash and Lotion to put a twinkle in his eye.

£186 3 items


Was £148. A cocktail of lemon, pine & pepper scents this Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash.

£126 2 items

The Reviving Quercus Gift Set

Was £87. Bathe in forest remedies. A terrific trinity of lotions and potions in the scent of Quercus.

£88 3 items

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