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​Peruse Penhaligon’s collection of divinely scented gifts.

Adventures Through The Forest Gift Set​

Forage along the forest trail for a newfound zest for life with your Marmalade Travel Atomiser in hand.

£105 3 items

Sky At Sunrise & Sunset Gift Set​

 Travel well-scented, sunrise to sunset, with two Travel Atomisers and two handsome gents – Quercus and Endymion in 30ml.


Artemisia’s Travelling Trail Gift Set​

A gift set of Artemisia in 30ml, Body & Hand Wash and Pink Travel Atomiser that holds the power of the goddess of the hunt.​

£120 3 items

Fabulous & Fresh By Day & By Night Gift Set​

Travel fragrantly. A Dorchester Pink and Marmalade Atomiser and Artemisia and Elisabethan Rose in 30ml make it so.​

£180 4 items

Portraits Scent Library

Discover the Portraits library, brimming with classics. Revel in its wondrous scents. 

£28 1 unit

Scent Library

A gift for keen noses: ten exquisite samples of our most fabulous fragrances.

£24 1 unit


An adorable miniature set of feminine fragrances to suit a lady’s every mood.

£40 5 X 5 ml

The Citrus Delight Candle Gift Set

This candle duo brings the fresh, earthy fragrance of cool summertime forest.

£60 2 items

Splendours of the Savoy Gift Set​

Behold! Penhaligon’s quintessential floral trio of luscious lotions and perfumed potions.​

£70 2 items

The Tudor Garden Gift Set​

A Body Lotion & Wash, inspired by the quintessential flower of England.

£70 2 items

An English Rose Gift Set

Was £226. A defining symbol of Elizabethan England, immortalised in this trio.

£190 3 items

Duchess of Marlborough Giftset

Was £226. Mischief-tinged musk: this fragrance wields its own charming power in Royal Quarters.​

£190 3 items

The Duke’s Morning Ritual Gift Set

Was £192. A gentlemanly and classic gift set - Fragrance, Body Wash and Lotion.

£165 3 items

The Honeyed Haze Gift Set

Was £154. A honeyed floral haze, captured in this Fragrance and Body & Hand Lotion.

£130 2 items

The Empressa's Impression Gift Set

Was £218. Leave a lasting impression with this Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash gift set.

£186 2 items

The Woodland Stream Gift Set

Was £82. This Body & Hand Wash and Lotion gift set offers a splash of sophistication.

£70 2 items

The Shining Empressa Gift Set

Was £82. Bathe with the Empressa's Body & Hand Wash and Lotion gift set.

£70 2 items

The Marlborough Soak Gift Set

Was £82. A lavender and citrus scented gift set of Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.

£70 2 items

Endymion’s Travelling Trail Gift Set​

Charming chap’s carry an Admiral Blue Travel Atomiser, Endymion 30ml and Body & Hand Wash wherever they go, don’t you know?

£105 3 items


Was £216. A vigorous Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash, heady with rose, citrus and spice.


The Goddess Luna's Bath Gift Set

A bath ritual fit for a goddess. Her scent imbues the Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.

£70 1 unit

The Honeyed Orchard Gift Set

Was £192. A rich, fruity temperament fills this vibrant gift from the blooming orange orchards.

£165 3 items

The Mythical Morning Ritual Gift Set

Was £192. An eau de cologne, Body & Hand Wash and Lotion to put a twinkle in his eye.

£164 1 unit

The Palatial Ritual Gift Set

A Body & Hand Wash, Lotion and Candle gift set infused with lemon, black pepper and pine.

£86 1 unit

The Rain In Halfeti Gift Set

Was £216. A vigorous Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash, heady with rose, citrus and spice.

£185 2 items

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