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Penhaligon’s might believe in doing some things the old-fashioned way, but don’t think that means we’re forgetting about the future.

Eau de Parfum


An aroma of great delicacy, golden mimosa, iris and musk perfumes the royal quarters.​

£76 30 ml

Scent Library

A gift for keen noses: ten exquisite samples of our most fabulous fragrances.

£24 1 unit

Portraits Scent Library

Discover the Portraits library, brimming with classics. Revel in its wondrous scents. 

£28 1 unit

Eau de Parfum


Love, mystery and majesty! A city fragrant with warm vanilla, cedar and saffron.

£178 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


The Prince of Perfumes enters in a majestic haze of vetiver, as one would expect.​

£204 75 ml

Eau de Parfum


New heights of Halfeti. A river of rum and spice carve into mighty Cedar’s scent.

£178 100 ml

Eau de Parfum

The Favourite

Mischief-tinged musk: this fragrance wields its own royally charming power.

£144 100 ml

Admiral Blue Travel Atomiser

Keep your scent with you always, who knows when one might get the opportunity to impress?

£25 5ml

Dorchester Pink Travel Atomiser

A pink 5ml travel atomiser to match the vivacity on oneself and one’s perfume.

£25 5ml

Marmalade Travel Atomiser

Keep a pinch of perfume with you wherever you roam, in a stylish 5ml travel atomiser.

£25 5ml

Eau de Toilette


Voyage with the Moon Goddess, perfumed with orange, jasmine and fir. Surrender.

£76 30 ml

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