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London's Most Romantic Places


Written by Penhaligon's Times

London’s Most Romantic Spots: Approved by Penhaligon’s

Faint heart never won fair lady (or fair gentleman). This Valentine’s Day, it’s time to buck up your ideas and take your sweetheart on an outing that will truly impress. And oh my, you are in luck. Penhaligon’s has the definitive list of  London’s most romantic places to help you woo the one you love. 

The Savoy
Roll out the red carpet, spare no expense! A trip to the Savoy – London’s original luxury hotel since 1889 – will dazzle and delight. Begin with cocktails at The Beaufort Bar, an endroit quite literally dripping in gold, then retire to the legendary Savoy Grill for supper. Marilyn Monroe and James Dean were regulars once upon a time, and well, if it’s good enough for Hollywood royalty, it’s good enough for us. 

The Royal Observatory
For a truly awe-inspiring day out, set your sights on Greenwich. Stand at the point where east meets west on the world’s Prime Meridian line. Pay a visit to the Queen’s House, built by King James I for Anne of Denmark. Then venture into London's only planetarium, to marvel at the cosmos in starry-eyed wonder. The Moon Goddess herself would be impressed by one’s romantic efforts. 

Andrew Edmunds
What a joy this restaurant is, in all its candlelit glory. A throwback to Eighties bohemia and the louche Soho of yore. Set within in an 18th century townhouse on Lexington Street, Andrew Edmunds is the perfect spot to gaze into your lover’s eyes, over old-fashioned plates of dressed crab, whole roast partridge, and lashings of the finest Burgundy. Lord George would certainly approve. 

Kew Gardens
For year-round romantic magic, Kew Gardens never disappoints. And a winter’s stroll is the perfect excuse to cosy up to one’s beau. Strut along well manicured avenues and discover wild hidden corners. Then warm your cockles in the Temperate House, followed by an exotic afternoon tea at the Orangery. Might we also suggest a fragrance to match?

The Victoria & Albert Museum
The V&A is a tribute London’s very own royal love story, that of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. As such, it’s the ideal setting for enjoying one another’s company – as well as some of the world’s most splendid art. The museum holds 2.3 million permanent objects, spanning 5,000 years of human creativity. The only question is: can you tear your eyes away from each other to take any of it in?

Petersham Nurseries
Escape the madding crowds for a more intimate setting: Petersham Nurseries, in leafy Richmond. This glasshouse dining room, filled with blooms all year round, is undoubtedly one of London’s most romantic hideaways for wining and dining. Perhaps a floral scent befits such a date? Would you know, we have just the thing...

Hampstead Heath
Pay homage to the most romantic of all poets, John Keats, with a pilgrimage to his Hampstead homestead. Then: a stroll upon the Heath, to take in the heartstopping views from Parliament Hill. The pièce de résistance? A bottle of Endymion presented to your love, engraved with words from Keats’ poem of the same name: "Now a soft kiss - Aye, by that kiss, I vow an endless bliss." Swoon. 

And there you have it. Myriad excursions in our fair city, sure to impress hopeless romantics and those of cold heart alike. But the most romantic gesture of all? Treating your paramour to their most beloved fragrance, of course. 



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