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bath and body - Oils & Hair Perfumes

Gloriously soft and wondrously smooth hair and skin are but a moment away, thanks to Penhaligon’s Dry Body Oils and Hair Perfume – enriched with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, and, of course, divinely scented.


Flowing locks. Bright nights. Luna’s perfumed gift to hair, shining with orange, jasmine and fir.

£40 30 ml

Halfeti Hair Perfume

A mysterious gift for the hair, perfumed with rose, fruits and Levantine spice.

£40 30 ml

Empressa Dry Body Oil

A lusciously scented Dry Body Oil to softly caress the skin with Argan Oil and Vitamin E.

£60 100 ml

Halfeti Dry Body Oil

Mystery ensues as rose, fruits and spice tangle in a radiant, softening Dry Body Oil.

£60 100 ml

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