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Discover a fragrance family quite unlike any other, where nothing is quite as it seems. Portraits is a tribute to the good old English spirit: stiff upper lip, caustic humour, and a knack for provocation.

Portraits Scent Library

Discover the Portraits library, brimming with classics. Revel in its wondrous scents. 

£28 10 x 2ml


The Prince of Perfumes enters in a majestic haze of vetiver, as one would expect.​

£204 75 ml

Terrible Teddy

Incense, leather and ambroxan. A smooth and deadly operator.

£204 75 ml

Heartless Helen

A flourish of tuberose in mandarin-scented woods. Hooked? You will be.

£204 75 ml

The Tragedy of Lord George

Rich, noble, deceptive. Like our patriarch, this woody perfume has secrets.

£204 75 ml

The Coveted Duchess Rose

A sweet-scented Rose, ready for the picking. Not so innocent after all.

£204 75 ml


Cool cardamom, hot pimento, salted caramel – a scent with no regard for rules.

£204 75 ml

Clandestine Clara

Exotic, spicy, sweet-scented. Clara is a complex creature, impossible to resist.

£204 75 ml

Monsieur Beauregard

A rich, fragrant embrace of wood and spice. Ooh la la! One look is all it took.

£204 75 ml


Rose, gin, leather; most uncommon. A scent to set Society tongues wagging.

£204 75 ml


Will Yasmine’s scent of jasmine, incense and oud help her lure a suitable match?

£204 75 ml

The Blazing Mister Sam

Hot and cold spices mingle over cedar and patchouli. Sam’s scent turns heads.

£204 75 ml

The Impudent Cousin Matthew

A fresh fragrance sparkling with mandarin, mischief and patchouli.

£204 75 ml

The Ingénue Cousin Flora

Effusive, ebullient, fresh. Flora’s perfume is citrus sip of invigoration.

£204 75 ml

The Revenge of Lady Blanche

A picture of charm – or is she? This narcotic fragrance has a dangerous bite.

£204 75 ml

The Uncompromising Sohan

Fragrant pepper rose, vetiver and oud from this wily merchant’s ledger.

£204 75 ml

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