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The Joy Of Florals


Written by Penhaligon's Times

Have you ever paused to take in the scent of a fresh rose and felt instantly uplifted? This is no mere coincidence. Floral scents are scientifically proven to make one feel happier.  

A fragrance can awaken a thousand memories in our minds, taking us back to childhood holidays, or reminding us of a favourite relative. What’s more, when our olfactory sensors are triggered by certain scents, it can have a positive influence on our mood. 

Indeed, there’s a reason lavender and camomile are lauded for their soothing effects. A lavender scented candle or diffuser in the home sends a message to our minds to be calm.    

Gardenia and jasmine, too, are noted for their mood-enhancing properties.  The sweet, creamy scent of these flowers mimics their tropical habitat, bestowing a sense of bliss upon those fortunate enough to be enveloped in their aroma. 

Perhaps most fascinating of all, studies have shown that smelling floral scents can increase our levels of compassion and kindness towards others. Quite remarkable!

Floral perfumes come in two forms – ‘soliflores’, those with single floral notes, and ‘bouquets’, blends of floral notes.

And so, which to choose? From the mysterious rose of Halfeti, to the floral earthiness of Bluebell, Penhaligon’s offers a myriad of floral fragrances to fill one’s world with joy. Why not pick your favourite of the bunch?



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