fragrances - Discovery Sets

Delightful gifts for keen noses or those who simply can’t decide. The most popular fragrances, for ladies and gentlemen alike. After all – what greater gift is there than not having to choose?

Penhaligon's Trio of Icons

A meeting of champions sees the fabulous fragrances Luna, Lord George and Halfeti in 10ml.

£60 1 unit

Portraits Scent Library

Discover the Portraits library, brimming with classics. Revel in its wondrous scents. 

£28 10 x 2ml


An adorable miniature set of feminine fragrances to suit a lady’s every mood.

£40 5 X 5 ml

Scent Library

A gift for keen noses: ten exquisite samples of our most fabulous fragrances.

£24 10 x 2ml


The perfect introduction to Penhaligon’s perfumes for discerning gents.

£40 5 x 5 ml

Penhaligon’s Trio Of Florals

A tantalising trinity of floral scents – Luna, Empressa and The Favourite, but of course.

£60 1 unit

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