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Juniper Sling

Anyone for gin? A juniper burst of freshness. Teasing angelica and black pepper. Warm spice and warm hearts. This eau de toilette is a complex cocktail. Better make it a double.

15 reviews

Anyone for gin? A juniper burst of freshness. Teasing angelica and black pepper. Warm spice and warm hearts. This eau de toilette is a complex cocktail. Better make it a double.

15 reviews

100 ml

Size 100 ml
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Eau de Toilette

Eau de Toilette

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Juniper Sling guides me through an enchanted winter forest. I see juniper berries purple in hue, generating a pungent sweet scent. Some overripe oranges rest on the soil. I gently peel them open; the tangy juice slides down my fingers. It reminds me of a glass of sparking gin tonic, the one you would order on a romantic date. With each step I make, I feel the aromatic herb in the air, including angelica. I then lit a cigarette; the smoke unravels itself. A warm, spicy scent calls for a cherry pie topped with a layer of cinnamon and sugar. Juniper Sling is a scent of both mystery and nostalgia.

By Isabelle Cho 30 Jun 2020

The Best With Lord George!

Loved this perfume straight away when I was given a discovery box with Juniper Sling in it a few years ago. It is so original (it has gin in it) that I always get compliments when I wear it.

By Yann RETHO 22 May 2018

Sharp & Snappy

Just like a good G&T refreshes one, this is real pick-me-up for the skin.

By Neil Nortcliffe 22 Aug 2017

Yet Another Favourite Fave....

This is my summer scent of choice, light and zesty followed by an entriquiging low note - never fails that someone will ask me what scent I am wearing.

By paula black 06 Aug 2017

My Absolute Favourite Scent

Juniper doing is my absolute favourite scent and body wash... Reserved for those days where I want to feel extra special. It's crisp and clean and with the undertone of juniper reminds me of sitting outside somewhere with a crisp G&T!

By Ian Walton 18 Aug 2016

Perfect Year-Round Scent

I bought this fragrance as a surprise for my husband. It is perfect for all year use. Light and airy notes work well in the warmer temperatures and warm, deep notes shine in the cooler air. Literally 1-2 sprays last all day without being overpowering. The room will smell like Juniper Sling as well, which is wonderful to return home to after a long day.

By Amber Clark 11 Aug 2016

Sartorial Shaving Cream

Bought this lovely product for my husband exudes a wonderful mysterious but classic scent on the skin...inspired by the cutting rooms of Savile Row the smell of beeswax,lavender and moss come through delicately It is a lovely masculine uplifting fragrance leaving the skin soft and fresh

By Bridget Mellor 26 Jul 2016


Bought this fragrance on a whim and I love love it as does many people who have asked me what perfume I have on.

By Amanda whitehead 05 Jan 2015

Powerful & Charismatic.

I have received a sample of Juniper Sling together with my Vaara & fell in love instantly. This fragrance is powerful and confident. It will suit you well if you work in a position where you influence others and expect them to follow. As a young female, I'm still establishing myself as a professional and this fragrance gives me that extra confidence boost, that freshness and crispiness of ideas and charismatic presence. You are felt to illuminate and give the aura of uniqueness. I realise we are all different and have different expectations. Nevertheless, I wanted to share with you my own experience with Juniper Sling.

By Kasia Urbaniak 13 Dec 2014

I didn't think anything could prize me away from my favourite Jo Malone fragrance but juniper sling has done just that! It's uplifting, refreshing and totally unique and even my male friends comment on it. I take the bottle to work with me and spritz throughout the day as I find it so uplifting

By Anna Barton 28 Oct 2014

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