Gifting - FOR HIM

Extraordinary gifts for gentlemen of impeccable taste. Spoil him silly with his favourite scent, or a joyous body wash to better his grooming regime. You certainly won’t regret it, old chap.

Gentlemen's Fragrance Collection with Birthday Sleeve

Many happy returns! And many more thank-you’s, thanks to this birthday gift sleeve.

£40 5 x 5ml

Eau de Parfum

The World According To Arthur​

An incensed (though, not like the rest!) warrior in a sweet- scented garden of sage wisdom and wit.

£215 75 ml

Eau de Parfum


So this is love. A mysterious perfume heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.

£190 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


A scent of the Queen of Cities. Florals meet earth, and worlds collide.

£190 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


New heights of Halfeti. A river of rum and spice carve into mighty Cedar’s scent.

£190 100 ml

Eau de Toilette


Scented with the spoils of adventure: juniper, fig milk and ambergris.

£155 100 ml

Eau de Cologne


Bergamot dances off suede and geranium. An eau de cologne for the ages.

£65 30 ml

Admiral Blue Travel Atomiser

Keep your scent with you always, who knows when one might get the opportunity to impress?

£25 5ml

Marmalade Travel Atomiser

Keep a pinch of perfume with you wherever you roam, in a stylish 5ml travel atomiser.

£25 5ml

Ceylon Pekoe​

Gentle tea leaves rouse woods in a candle of floral spice. Pour me another, won’t you?

£60 200 g


Warm Tonka and rare amber. A scented candle to remind you the riches dwell right under your nose.​

£60 200 g

Comoros Pearl

Bright sun. White flowers. Crashing waves and sensual spice. A candle scented with island living.

£60 200 g


Wood. Leather. Smoke. A luxury scented candle disguised as a gentlemen’s club.​

£60 200 g

Sky At Sunrise & Sunset Gift Set​

 Was £180. Travel well-scented, sunrise to sunset, with two Travel Atomisers and two handsome gents – Quercus and Endymion in 30ml.

£152 4 items

A Spritz of Halfeti Gift Set

Was £230. Love blossoms so quickly in these parts. Thanks to Halfeti’s Hair Mist and fragrance, that is.

£194 2 items

A Trio Of Bath Soaps

Was £66. For an exquisitely rich lather and fragrant finish, indulge Penhaligon’s trio of Bath Soaps.

£57 3 x 150 g


The perfect introduction to Penhaligon’s perfumes for discerning gents.

£40 5 x 5 ml

Eau de Parfum


An icon reborn: bergamot, leather and oud mingle in the bazaar’s heady haze.

£190 100 ml

Havana To Halfeti Gift Set

Was £122. Chatter and spice in a gift set of a Maduro Leaf 200g Candle and Halfeti’s Soap and Hair Mist.

£104 3 items

Eau de Toilette


This eau de toilette is a gin lover’s delight. Better make it a double.

£80 30 ml

Eau de Parfum


Rose, gin, leather; most uncommon. A scent to set Society tongues wagging.

£215 75 ml

Eau de Cologne


Fresh zest and wet moss. A cologne – or a sunny day in the shade of an oak tree?

£120 100 ml

Quercus Uplifting Gift Set

Quercus takes flight in a gift set of its 5ml scent, 30-gram soap and a Hot Air Balloon Charm. Charm may vary.

£60 3 items

Quercus’s Forest Bathing Gift Set

Forest bathing the metropolitan way, in a gift set of 5ml scent, and 30ml wash and lotion.

£60 3 items

Eau de Parfum


Incense, leather and ambroxan. A smooth and deadly operator.

£215 75 ml

Eau de Parfum


Hot and cold spices mingle over cedar and patchouli. Sam’s scent turns heads.

£215 75 ml

The Charms of Halfeti Gift Set

Droves of keen noses smell Halfeti’s charm. A gift set of 30-gram soap, 5ml scent and a Top Hat. Charm may vary.

£60 3 items

The Debonair Dreamer Gift Set

Was £193. A sparkle of bergamot, coffee and suede in an eau de parfum and Body & Hand Wash.

£164 2 items

The Dewy Dreamer Gift Set

Was £80. Bergamot and lavender lay to rest on a bed of suede in a duo of Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.

£68 2 items

The Exotic Lands Gift Set

Was £380. Drift on a rosy breeze of time with Halfeti and Cairo 100ml eau de parfums.

£324 2 items

The Mythical Morning Ritual Gift Set

Was £200. An eau de cologne, Body & Hand Wash and Lotion to put a twinkle in his eye.

£170 3 items

The Rain In Halfeti Gift Set

Was £228. A vigorous Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash, heady with rose, citrus and spice.

£194 2 items

Eau de Parfum


Rich, noble, deceptive. Like our patriarch, this woody perfume has secrets.

£215 75 ml

The Ultimate Scent Library

Spoil yourself silly with twenty fabulous fragrances – or gift another this library, if you wish.


Eau de Parfum

The Uncompromising Sohan

Fragrant pepper rose, vetiver and oud from this wily merchant’s ledger.

£215 75 ml

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