FRAGRANCES - Travel Size

Take your favourite scent everywhere you go with our travel-sized fragrances. Perfect for popping into your handbag on evenings out, for travelling light on holiday or even discovering a new favourite fragrance.

Dorchester Pink Travel Atomiser

A pink 5ml travel atomiser to match the vivacity on oneself and one’s perfume.

£25 5ml

Admiral Blue Travel Atomiser

Keep your scent with you always, who knows when one might get the opportunity to impress?

£25 5ml

Marmalade Travel Atomiser

Keep a pinch of perfume with you wherever you roam, in a stylish 5ml travel atomiser.

£25 5ml

A Day In Halfeti Gift Set

Sunrise in Halfeti, brought to you by a gift set of a 30ml Body & Hand Wash, Lotion and 10ml scent.


The Charms of Halfeti Gift Set

Droves of keen noses smell Halfeti’s charm. A gift set of 30-gram soap, 5ml scent and a Top Hat. Charm may vary.


Soaps of Splendour Gift Set

All is right in the world, thanks to a gift set of Halfeti, Luna and Quercus soaps.


Gentlemen's Fragrance Collection with Birthday Sleeve

Many happy returns! And many more thank-you’s, thanks to this birthday gift sleeve.

£40 5 x 5ml

Gentlemen's Fragrance Collection with Congratulations Sleeve

Hip, hip! I say! A glorious gift sleeve to mirror your congratulatory spirit. Good show.

£40 5 x 5ml

Gentlemen's Fragrance Collection with Thank You Sleeve

A charming gift sleeve for the multitudinous times one wishes to make their appreciation known.

£40 5 x 5ml


The perfect introduction to Penhaligon’s perfumes for discerning gents.

£40 5 x 5 ml

Scent Library

A gift for keen noses: ten exquisite samples of our most fabulous fragrances.

£25 10 x 2ml

Eau de Cologne


Bergamot dances off suede and geranium. An eau de cologne for the ages.

£65 30 ml

Eau de Parfum


The Tudor rose: symbol of Elizabethan England, immortalised in this airy scent.

£80 30 ml

Quercus Uplifting Gift Set

Quercus takes flight in a gift set of its 5ml scent, 30-gram soap and a Hot Air Balloon Charm.


Eau de Toilette


Voyage with the Moon Goddess, perfumed with orange, jasmine and fir. Surrender.

£80 30 ml

Ceylon Pekoe​

Gentle tea leaves rouse woods in a candle of floral spice. Pour me another, won’t you?

£60 200 g

Comoros Pearl

Bright sun. White flowers. Crashing waves and sensual spice. A candle scented with island living.

£60 200 g


A love letter from Halfeti: bath soap scented with spiced rose, oud and amber.

£22 150 g

Luna Bath Soap

Succumb to the intoxicating, silk-soft scented soap charms of the Moon Goddess.

£22 150 g


Put your hands together for a soothing cream blessed by Luna and softened by rose.

£24 75 ml


A luxurious tripled-milled soap whose scent recalls the iconic English oak.

£22 150 g


A woody scented hand cream provides some welcome protection.

£24 75 ml

Roanoke Ivy

Get lost beneath the night sky in a garden where foliage and fascination creep up every wall.

£60 200 g


Carry a rose with you everywhere you go with this delightful lip balm.

£12 15 g

Portraits Scent Library

Discover the Portraits library, brimming with classics. Revel in its wondrous scents. 

£30 10 x 2ml

The Favourite’s Favoured Gift Set

A 5ml scent, Body & Hand Wash and Lotion set to get you in good standing with the right people.


The Ultimate Scent Library

Spoil yourself silly with twenty fabulous fragrances – or gift another this library, if you wish.


Eau de Parfum


Fresh nectarine and jasmine sweetened by vanilla. A melody on perfumed skin.

£80 30 ml

Eau de Toilette


A dram of lemon, black pepper and pine, fresh and fragrant as British wit.

£65 30 ml

Eau de Toilette


This eau de toilette is a gin lover’s delight. Better make it a double.

£80 30 ml

Eau de Parfum


An aroma of great delicacy, golden mimosa, iris and musk perfumes the royal quarters.​

£80 30 ml


Ladies demand equality. A cream of iris and musk makes their handshakes equally memorable.

£24 75 ml

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