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Eau de Parfum


So this is love. A mysterious perfume heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.

£190 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


An icon reborn: bergamot, leather and oud mingle in the bazaar’s heady haze.

£190 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


New heights of Halfeti. A river of rum and spice carve into mighty Cedar’s scent.

£190 100 ml


Heaven-scent from Halfeti. A travel-size trio of 30g Soap, 30ml Body & Hand Lotion, and 5ml scent.

£40 1 unit


A love letter from Halfeti: bath soap scented with spiced rose, oud and amber.

£22 150 g

Halfeti Hair Perfume

A mysterious gift for the hair, perfumed with rose, fruits and Levantine spice.

£40 30 ml


Cleanse hands and body with Halfeti’s heady potion of rose, fruit and spice.

£38 300 ml

Halfeti Body & Hand Lotion

Halfeti’s heady rose, grapefruit and spice scent infused in a rich lotion.

£42 300 ml

Halfeti Dry Body Oil

Mystery ensues as rose, fruits and spice tangle in a radiant, softening Dry Body Oil.

£60 100 ml

Havana To Halfeti Gift Set

Was £122. Chatter and spice in a gift set of a Maduro Leaf 200g Candle and Halfeti’s Soap and Hair Mist.

£104 3 items

A Spritz of Halfeti Gift Set

Was £230. Love blossoms so quickly in these parts. Thanks to Halfeti’s Hair Mist and fragrance, that is.

£194 2 items

Promise Of Halfeti Gift Set

Was £62. Halfeti’s gift set of Hair Mist and Soap sings with the promise of grapefruit, rose and spice.

£53 2 items

The Rain In Halfeti Gift Set

Was £228. A vigorous Fragrance, Body & Hand Wash, heady with rose, citrus and spice.

£194 2 items

Enveloping Halfeti Gift Set

Was £290. Halfeti’s gift set envelops the body from head to toe, with a scent, Body Oil, and a Hair Mist.

£218 3 items

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