bath and body - SOAPS

Envelop yourself in the rich creamy lather and bubbled bliss that Penhaligon’s new Soaps provide, arriving in a choice of three scents to set one’s imagination running like the tap. 


A love letter from Halfeti: bath soap scented with spiced rose, oud and amber.

£22 150 g

Luna Bath Soap

Succumb to the intoxicating, silk-soft scented soap charms of the Moon Goddess.

£22 150 g


A luxurious tripled-milled soap whose scent recalls the iconic English oak.

£22 150 g

A Trio Of Bath Soaps

Was £72. For an exquisitely rich lather and fragrant finish, indulge Penhaligon’s trio of Bath Soaps.

£60 3 x 150 g

The Goddess Of Stars Gift Set

Indulge in an ethereally floral scent with Luna’s Hand Cream, Body Lotion and Soap.


The Countryside Oak Gift Set

Was £86. A gift set of some sophistication, scented with basil, lemon and a woody depth.


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