Gifting - Grand Gestures

For those seeking the “Oh, you shouldn’t have!” response, only a Penhaligon’s Grand Gesture will do. Fabulously fragranced gifts for ladies and gents of impeccable taste. 


Tuck into a confectioner’s daydream, an advent calendar of twenty-four sweet-scented memories.

£375 1 item

The Halfeti Trio Gift Set​

Indulge in a limited-edition trio of Halfeti scents presented in a splendid gift box.

£495 3 x 100ml

Eau de Parfum


So this is love. A mysterious perfume heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.

£178 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


Damascena rose, patchouli and saffron perfume this ancient, sensual city.

£178 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


Cool cardamom, hot pimento, salted caramel – a scent with no regard for rules.

£204 75 ml

Eau de Parfum

Clandestine Clara

Exotic, spicy, sweet-scented. Clara is a complex creature, impossible to resist.

£204 75 ml

Eau de Parfum

The Revenge of Lady Blanche

A picture of charm – or is she? This narcotic fragrance has a dangerous bite.

£204 75 ml

Eau de Parfum

The Tragedy of Lord George

Rich, noble, deceptive. Like our patriarch, this woody perfume has secrets.

£204 75 ml

Eau de Parfum

The Favourite

Mischief-tinged musk: this fragrance wields its own royally charming power.

£144 100 ml

Eau de Parfum


New heights of Halfeti. A river of rum and spice carve into mighty Cedar’s scent.

£178 100 ml

Eau de Toilette


A fragrant stroll through the honeyed haze of a sun-drenched orange grove.

£110 100 ml

The Exotic Lands Gift Set

Was £356. Drift on a rosy breeze of time with Halfeti and Cairo 100ml eau de parfums.

£305 2 items

The Luscious Libation Gift Set

Was £182. A double shot of juniper freshness. An eau de toilette and Body & Hand Wash to stir up any gin lover.

£154 2 items

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