Penhaligon’s has a rather long-standing relationship with royalty, don’t you know. This is why we’re proud to partner with The Prince’s Foundation, an educational charity inspired by King Charles III’s philosophy of championing sustainability and craftsmanship.

Penhaligon's Highgrove Gardens

The Prince's Foundation

The charity, founded in 1976, runs a diverse programme of education and training for all ages and backgrounds. A lot of the charity’s work is based at Dumfries House in East Ayrshire, and at Trinity Buoy Wharf and Charlotte Road in London. And, after such riveting success with the training programmes, The Prince’s Foundation extended their work to the Highgrove Estate.

Highgrove Gardens

Highgrove House is the private residence of Their Majesties The King Charles III and The Queen Camilla, and is home to the magnificent Highgrove Gardens. Many facilities have been set up to aid the Foundation’s charitable efforts. Constantine Innemée, The Prince’s Foundation Director at Highgrove, remarked, ‘By developing a new base at Highgrove, we will be able to offer new opportunities to keep these valuable skills thriving in a part of the country where there is a great deal of talent but where the opportunities to harness and develop them are not always readily available.’ And we couldn’t agree more!

Highgrove Bouquet

Inspired by and created with Highgrove Gardens, Penhaligon’s added another royal fragrance to their collection: Highgrove Bouquet. The blooming, uplifting and floral scent pays tribute to fragrant summers at the Gardens, particularly the rather special weeping silver lime tree, the main inspiration behind the scent.​

One might be pleased to know that 10% of proceeds from the sales of Highgrove Bouquet shall be donated to The Prince’s Foundation, helping to fund the charity’s exciting training and educational programs, including those in heritage crafts, traditional arts, horticulture, fashion and textiles, and sustainable food and farming for thousands of pupils and students each year.​ ​

Highgrove Gardens Penhaligon's

Championing Craftsmanship

As well as creating Highgrove Bouquet, Penhaligon’s has also championed students and alumni of the Prince’s Foundation. In celebration of Highgrove Bouquet, and the collaboration between Penhaligon’s and the Prince’s Foundation, carpentry student David Cheng carved a dressing table from the wood of a silver lime tree. Cheng is a student at the Snowdon School of Furniture, which supports students in furniture design and wood production.​ ​

Penhaligon’s looks forward to working with more students of the Prince’s Foundation in the upcoming years, and championing heritage crafts and traditional arts.


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