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Travel thousands of miles East and thousands of years back, one shall find the mighty civilisation of Babylon. Take a look at the place that inspired Penhaligon’s decadent scent, Babylon.

As Penhaligon’s explores the Incense Route, we find ourselves in Halfeti. It’s time to uncover vibrant market bazaars, untamed woodland, and the fabled black rose.

Nestled between sand and sky sits an oasis town of historic import. Welcome to AlUla, the inspiration behind Penhaligon’s newest fragrance. Let’s explore, shall we?

Does one's nose fancy a spot of adventure? Journey along the Incense Route with Penhaligon's and discover the decadent TradeRoutes collection.

Penhaligon’s sits down with the perfumer of one’s newest scent, Penhaligon’s AlUla, to discuss the inspiration behind the fragrance.

Allow us to acquaint you with the notes of one’s newest fragrance: Penhaligon’s AlUla, born of sand and drenched in sky.​ ​