bath and body - Body & Hand Lotion

Luscious lotions and perfumed potions for hands and body. Ensure your skin looks as delicious as it smells.

Halfeti Body and Hand Lotion

Halfeti’s heady rose, grapefruit and spice scent infused in a rich lotion.

$70 500 ml

Luna Body and Hand Lotion

Soothing and seductive. The perfumed secrets of Luna laid bare in the moonlight – in lotion form.

$70 500 ml

Quercus Hand and Body Lotion

The sturdy oak bows to joyful bursts of citrus and basil, now in hand and body lotion form

$70 500 ml

Highgrove Bouquet Body and Hand Lotion

The crisp, confident scent of silver lime and mimosa in a perfumed hand and body lotion.

$70 500 ml

Empressa Body and Hand Lotion

The Empressa’s fondness for silks and spice revealed in a fruitful body and hand lotion.

$70 500 ml

Endymion Body and Hand Lotion

Dark coffee, rich nutmeg, fresh mandarin – for hands and body. Irresistible.

$70 500 ml

Elisabethan Rose Body and Hand Lotion

Rose and hazelnut leaf light the way in a fragrant hand and body lotion fit for a queen.

$70 500 ml

The Favourite Body and Hand Lotion

Mimosa meets mandarin. Turn royal nostrils with a hand and body lotion befitting a duchess.

$70 500 ml

Blenheim Bouquet Body and Hand Lotion

The Duke of Marlborough’s classic citrus scent in a refined hand and body lotion.

$70 500 ml

Babylon Body and Hand Lotion

Has one discovered the mysteries of Babylon? Vanilla, cedar and saffron spill many a secret.

$70 500 ml

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