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From miniature marvels to grand gestures in tow. There’s a show-stopping gift set to entertain all the family at Penhaligon’s World of Wonder.


Prove your eye on each day of advent and sniff out the twenty-four scented gifts behind each door.

$535 1 unit

The Showmen

The crowd roars for a festive gift set of five 5ml showmen scented with the strength of ten.

$55 5 x 5ml

Leading Ladies

A festive gift set of five feminine scents that are known to steal hearts, glances, and the show!

$55 5 x 5ml

A Fanfare of Fragrances

The perfect discovery gift set awaits the dunking booth. Ready your neck as noses take the plunge.

$40 10 x2ml

Mini Soap Collection

All is right in the world, thanks to a gift set of Halfeti, Luna and Quercus soaps.

$48 3 x 30 g

The Ultimate Scent Library

Spoil yourself silly with twenty fabulous fragrances – or gift another this library, if you wish.


Enveloping Halfeti Gift Set

Was $408. Halfeti’s gift set envelops the body from head to toe, with a scent, Body Oil, and a Hair Mist.

$347 3 items

A Spritz of Halfeti Gift Set

Was $320. Love blossoms so quickly in these parts. Thanks to Halfeti’s Hair Mist and fragrance, that is.

$272 2 items

The Empressa's Impression Gift Set

Was $320. Any lady will leave a lasting impression with this eau de parfum and Body & Hand Wash gift set.

$272 2 units

The Mythical Morning Ritual Gift Set

An eau de cologne, Body & Hand Wash and Lotion to put a twinkle in his eye.

$238 3 items

The Mighty Oak Gift Set

Was $220. Bask in an oak's shade with this woody cologne and Body & Hand Wash.

$187 2 items

The Reviving Quercus Gift Set​

Was $155. Bathe in forest remedies. A terrific trinity of lotions and potions in the scent of Quercus.


Put Your Hands Together Gift Set

Was $90. A gift set of Penhaligon’s three fabulous Hand Creams. Luna, Quercus and The Favourite.​


Splendours of the Savoy Gift Set​

Was $115. Behold! Penhaligon’s quintessential floral trio of luscious lotions and perfumed potions.​


Halfeti’s Showstopper

Halfeti’s gift of eau de parfum and Body & Hand Wash leaves every carnival-goer’s head in a spin.

$280 1 unit

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