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From eternal classics to olfactory mysteries. Discover Penhaligon’s icons - anyone within sniffing distance will be just dying to know where it’s from.


So this is love. A mysterious perfume heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.

$258 100 ml

The Tragedy of Lord George

Rich, noble, deceptive. Like our patriarch, this woody perfume has secrets.

$293 75 ml

The Favourite

Mischief-tinged musk: this fragrance wields its own royally charming power.

$208 100 ml

The Coveted Duchess Rose

A sweet-scented Rose, ready for the picking. Not so innocent after all.

$293 75 ml


Damascena rose, patchouli and saffron perfume this ancient, sensual city.

$258 100 ml

Halfeti Leather

An icon reborn: bergamot, leather and oud mingle in the bazaar’s heady haze.

$258 100 ml


Radiant with peach, vanilla and blood orange, the Empressa’s scent bewitches.

$258 $125


Bergamot dances off suede and geranium. An eau de cologne for the ages.

$160 100 ml

Much Ado About The Duke

Rose, gin, leather; most uncommon. A scent to set Society tongues wagging.

$293 75 ml

The Blazing Mister Sam

Hot and cold spices mingle over cedar and patchouli. Sam’s scent turns heads.

$293 75 ml

Juniper Sling

This eau de toilette is a gin lover’s delight. Better make it a double.

$208 100 ml


A woodland wander amidst a fragrant carpet of bluebells. Pure bliss.

$160 100 ml

Endymion Concentré

Bergamot dances off suede, coffee and geranium. A scent for the ages.

$208 100 ml


The Moon Goddess’ bath is perfumed with orange, jasmine and fir. Surrender.

$208 100 ml


Fresh zest and wet moss. A cologne – or a sunny day in the shade of an oak tree?

$160 $113

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