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So this is love. An intoxicating, mysterious fragrance: vigorous grapefruit, Levantine spice and rose tangle in the moonlight. But what’s that upon the riverbank? Could it be the fabled black rose?

16 reviews


Size 100 ml

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16 reviews

Beautiful fragrance

Lovely fragrance. If you love the smell of Tom Ford Black Orchid then this is the one for you however this has a slight stronger fragrance with the rose fragrance. The notes I am getting almost smell similar to Tom Ford and it smells divine to me, the fragrance is very rich compared to Black Orchid.

by Tamanna Begum

30 Apr 2022

My heart is stolen.

Halfeti is such a deeply rich and indulgent fragrance,it envelops you and takes you to a place far away leaving you feeling strong and secure in yourself. A satisfyingly complex fragrance that I love from the top notes to its dry down,its wonderful and warming and downright sexy,I will never be without Halfeti now.

by stacey corbett

27 Dec 2021

Rich and head-turning

A warm, musky rose with a beautiful Timerbersilk heart. It reminds me a little of Milk Wood from FuturePrimitive Soap Co. It has the same musky richness but this one has a little more of a floral edge rather than the deep woody notes. I don't find this lasts all day but it does linger in my scarf and my wool sweaters! Just gorgeous.

by Antonia Fiander

07 Dec 2021

Penhaligon's Fragrance Team Member GWQ

Halfeti is an intoxicating scent with luxurious Turkish rose intertwined with exotic spices! Definitely a special essence, makes me feel confident and sophisticated! Why not layer with Cairo! A definitely exotic mix!

by Maina Jansari

01 Nov 2021


Halfeti is very much a modern classic, It is intoxicating, captivating and enchanting. Halfeti offers a combination of depth, Turkish Rose, Oud and Woods. This is definitely a statement fragrance and will have people stopping you in the street (and also around the Supermarket) wanting to know what you’re wearing! It’s the best kept secret for those in the know…

by Andrew Moorehouse

31 Oct 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team Member, Gunwharf Quays

The icon that is Halfeti does not disappoint. The fresh opening with Bergamot and grapefruit, transitions to rose and spices, ending with an oud accord and woody base. It is complex and intoxicating there is nothing quite like it. The body wash is also divine heavily scented and oozes luxury

by Laura Sheppard

31 Oct 2021

Penhaligon's Fragrance Team Member, HQ

Halfeti reminds me of my trip to Turkey in 2013. Love it as its a super deep & mysterious scent. The crimson rose combination with oud makes this scent extra unique.

by Christopher Sean Dawood

23 Sep 2021


Have to say this perfum is amazing the smell is divine and very sophisticated. Everyone asks me what it is, have to say totally addicted to this now.. it’s elegant love it

by Auriele Henderson

22 Sep 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team Member, Westfield - White City

If you are brave and if you like to shine, this is the right fragrance for you. It’s unbelievable the amount of compliments I get when wear Halfeti! Congratulations to Christian Provenzano for creating this decadent and precious perfume. Absolutely addicted to this unique blend of black rose petals and oud oil.

by David Duarte

21 Sep 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team Member

A deep, seductive and captivating fragrance I like the most…Halfeti! Halfeti take its name at a small village in Turkey! Whereby they grow this dark crimson roses named Halfeti Rose. Why it turn dark? Because Halfeti Roses absorbed the underground soil and mineral and its turn dark! For now, you can’t find Halfeti Rose anymore. Now they are endangered spice! When you inhale Halfeti, you can get a different layer of fragrance structure like citrusy, spicy, woody and a bit of sweetness too! This scent the very long lasting! I like to use the Body and Hand wash n 3 pump is added on to wash my delicate underwear and bras. My lingerie will keep smelling good for the all time n I feel seductive!

by Phylis Lim

21 Sep 2021

Perfect Layering Duo

The Halfeti Hand & Body Wash is a great start to your day, as its comforting, uplifting and gives you the confidence you need throughout the day. As an added bonus, its great to layer this with your Halfeti fragrance and accompanied with the Hand & Body Lotion - to elevate the Halfeti experience.

by Diane McPhie

20 Sep 2021

My "Wow" Fragrance

Halfeti is my signature scent; it is powerful and sensual and whenever I wear it - I always get stopped by people and get asked what I am wearing! When I am wearing Halfeti, I feel like I can do anything and can take on the world! The longevity is incredible and I feel the scent gets better as it dries down - you pick up all of the different notes in there; the Turkish rose, jasmine sandalwood and oud. It is simply divine!

by Xifen Su

20 Sep 2021

Penhaligons fragrance team member, Bicester

Halfeti is the best of the best. The warm notes of Turkish rose, amber, oud and saffron are just a dream to wear. It’s so different and lasts on myself for the whole day. I always get compliments when I have this fragrance on!

by Chloe Perucca-White

19 Sep 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team Member Regent Street

I am so obsessed with Halfeti. Whenever I wear this powerful fragrance I always get lots of compliments. This is a dark, floral and woody scent with black Turkish rose, leather, Oud and more ingredients. This scent is so deep, rich and sensual.

by Kristinna Safarova

18 Sep 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team Member, HQ

Simply the most beautiful scent that has ever been put on this earth!! People stop me wherever I go and ask what I’m wearing! Sometimes I put it on even when I’m staying in, because it’s a treat for me!! The richness of the top notes are daring - yet the dry down is more rich and has so much depth! I get lost in this fragrance!!

by Nicole Thwaites

18 Sep 2021


A Christmas present from my wife because I tested the fragrance in store and kicked myself later for not buying. An amazing scent and I will continue to buy it while you still make it.

by Will Jones

26 Feb 2021

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Trade Routes

Journey to a bygone era of exploration and daring discovery with these exotic perfumes. Trade Routes is infused with the vast array of decadent ingredients that arrived into the London docks at the end of the 19th century.


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