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Surround oneself in clouds of Penhaligon’s. Curtains will twitch and crowds with form outside one’s abode. Your home will smell every bit as extraordinary as you do, and the neighbours will notice.

Lily Of The Valley

The Lily of the Valley Candle fills one’s home with the fresh scent of spring.

$52 140 g


A long-burning soy wax candle fragrant with quince, rose and warm wood.

$52 140 g

Iris Prima

An iris-scented candle inspired by the graceful gifts of the prima ballerina.

$52 140 g

Blenheim Bouquet

The classic Blenheim Bouquet scent is woodier and spicier in this luxury candle.

$52 140 g

Assam Tea Candle unboxed

A candle bearing gifts of tea, rose and thyme. As revivifying as a cup of Assam.

$40 140 g

Elixir Classic Candle

Hints of spice and heady rose: this candle is a warm embrace on winter nights.

$50 140 g

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