Seeing London through fresh eyes

  • Posted on 5th May 2011 by Lauren
  • As the latest member to the Penhaligon’s family I was given the grand opportunity to leave my little country island of Singapore for what I definitely consider an experience I will never forget.

    It was my first time in London and actually my first time in Europe. So when you come from a tiny island country that is only 46 years old, located in the corner of South East Asia, you simply can’t help but drag your dropped jaw everywhere you go. New friends and colleagues would point to buildings that looked like they could fit a plane but tell me it’s a small church, strangers leaving me lost in translation as I figure out what “Grab the 94 from Stop A” meant and people requesting to exchange the goods I have just purchased for a pony?!?! So here are my highlights!


    Where I hail from you just don’t see anything like this. I know pavements like this are a common sight in London and you’re probably thinking I am borderline crazy, but to me they add to the architectural beauty of London. Also, I loved the musty smell when the sun warmed them. That may sound even odder, but I have a thing for industrial smells hence why I love Sartorial with its strange metallic top note.

    Culture and Creativity

    Everywhere I turned I saw crazy brilliance like the cassette toilet walls of Callooh Callay at our bloggers event and clever placing of public transport!

    Shoreditch in London

    I was amazed by how London is filled with so much character that is born from a mixture of tradition and innovation.


    The sights and scents of Notting Hill and Portobello Market will always remind me of London’s beauty; beautiful trees in bloom, lush veggies and live music at the street cafes.

    Portabello in London

    My mouth watered just looking at cakes that I did not have to taste to know how rich and moist they were. But the best find for me was this shop that sold these surreal leather bound diaries (I’ve started mine in earnest).

    London sites



    Overall my first taste of London was an adventure; there’s no other way to describe it. So, as I return to Singapore, I leave a little part of my heart in London and can’t wait to share its splendours in my home country!

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