Mr. Harrod

  • Posted on 21st September 2017 by Tom Rasmussen

  • Mr. Harrod
    “I’ve never been one to pussy-foot around a topic. I’ve always been very good at what I do. And while being gentlemanly is incredibly important to many of my clients – the Royals included – people much appreciate the honest opinion of a true master.” Mr. Harrod is society’s finest tea merchant and, he’s certainly not ashamed to say, the very best greengrocer in the business.
    “You might snigger. But in these circles, having the right produce and sundries on your table is tantamount to good manners, or the size of one’s estate. Serving the perfect cup to your guests can make you the toast of the town. A bad one can change a person’s social standing in a matter of minutes.” And he’s right: if anyone remembers Lady Loretta, it’s only because of her lackluster Oolong
    When he’s not busy ensuring his illustrious customers are incomparably well looked after, this proudly self-made gentleman is revered for his snapping wit and his incomparable ability with women of all kinds. There’s nothing blue blooded ladies crave more than a man who knows his way around a pantry. “Indeed I’ve been at the centre of many scandals. They’re exhilarating while you’re in the eye of the storm, but the eye swiftly moves to the next scandal within a couple of days. What can I say? I can’t resist most women – single or married – and they can’t resist me.”
    Although Harrod has collected an arsenal of enemies along the way, he also has a great many fans. And what’s a life without controversy? However controversial, Mr. Harrod is the most trusted retailer in town, and many of his enemies return invariably for his uncompromising standards, and the incomparable confidence that comes with the knowledge that Mr. Harrod stocks your pantry… no matter what he did to your wife.
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