Fragrance Personality

  • Posted on 10th May 2015 by HQ Writer… Erin

  • Sometimes, fragrance can act like a costume, invisibly dressing us as we want to be perceived. There are times when the World is at your feet, or you want it to be, and scent can illustrate that feeling more meaningfully than simply dressing up in a suit and tie, or wearing heels – or both! Different moods require different scents; are you feeling Understated and Elegant? Or Bold and Adventurous? Perfume is sometimes a protective shell, sometimes flamboyant plumage and other times a uniform.

    Our Fragrance Personalities system allows you to choose how you want to feel. Conversely, perfume can reveal the real us, our choice reflecting something about who we are. Many people discover “their” fragrance, which they stick to loyally for years; their “signature” scent which they feel reflects their personality best. By segmenting our perfumes into personality categories, your journey to your perfect scent should be easier.

    So whether you’re seeking a glamourous disguise, or searching for the scent which reflects the real you, we hope you enjoy learning more about your Fragrance Personality .

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