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An Eternal Slumber

  • Posted on 3rd May 2016 by Nick

  • Dating back as far as the 6th Century BC, the tale of Endymion is an Ancient Greek myth that acted as inspiration for our modern classic fragrance – recently reimagined in a more powerful Eau de Parfum as Endymion Concentré – and finally meeting his love, Luna

    A handsome young shepherd, without comparison throughout all of Ancient Greece, Endymion would tend his flock in the hills of Elis, and was said to be the first mortal to observe the movement of the moon.
    Luna, the moon goddess, drove her chariot across the heavens every night drawn by snow-white, long-maned horses, taking with her the light of the moon. 

    Every night, she would gaze upon the beauty of the shepherd Endymion. Filled with longing, Luna pleaded with Zeus for the right to his son. Endymion fell in love with Luna as she crossed the skies.

    Zeus eventually conceded to Luna, permitting her to place Endymion into an eternal slumber. In his state of permanent sleep, he would remain ageless and deathless - and his beauty would be preserved.
    From then on, Luna visited Endymion every night in his slumber…
    The story of Endymion, like most stories in ancient mythology, is often contested by scholars, having been retold by various poets throughout history and translated into several versions.

    Endymion, was said to be the son of Zeus, king of the gods, and Calyce, a mortal woman. By most accounts, Endymion was a shepherd, but in others he was King of Elis – or son of the king, rather than Zeus. 

    Luna was a Titan goddess, the personification of the moon. In various versions of the myth, she also goes by Selene. Titan was also the Roman counterpart to Selene throughout several. Diana was the counterpart to Artemis, and in later Roman beliefs was also cognate to Selene as the moon goddess.
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