Tralala Eau de Parfum

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    Head Notes

    Aldehydes, Saffron, Whiskey, Ambrette Seed Butter, Galbanum, Violet Leaf Absolute
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    Heart Notes

    Carnation, Leather, Tuberose, Ylang Ylang, Orris, Incense
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    Base Notes

    Myrrh Resinoid, Opoponax Absolute, Patchouli, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Heliotrope, Musk Vanilla
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  • Tralala, is the latest fragrance from Penhaligon's inspired by the fantastical universe of Edward Meadham and Benjamin Kirchhoff. An opulent, hedonistic blend created by Master Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour.

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    • A Q&A with Meadham Kirchhoff

      A Q&A with Meadham Kirchhoff

      Posted on 17th April 2014 by Matt

      At our press launch we had a little time with Ben and Ed, known better to the world as design duo Meadham Kirchhoff, to talk about our next fragrance, Tralala.

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      • The Creation

        London Fashion Week

        Fabric & Details

    • Press EvetOur London Press Event
    • Ingredient Focus: Opoponax

      Ingredient Focus: Opoponax

      Posted on 17th April 2014 by Nick

      Also known as sweet myrrh, Opoponax is a sweet resin, regarded by King Solomon as the noblest of incense gums.

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  • Customer Reviews

    wrtie a review
    • 5Image
    • Absolutely Exquisite And Classy!
    • by A. John
    • I recently got a bottle and wham, the smokey, leathery, woody classy smell smoothly stays with you all day... I love it. The compliments from colleagues and friends speak volumes. It has definitely taken over as my going out perfume. Thank you Pengaligon and associates for coming up with this beautiful rare fragrance. Penhaligon you rock!
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Sumptuous, Very Elegant Indeed
    • by Nicola
    • Never trivial, absolutely original, long lasting... Excellent !! I hope you will make the 50 ml package.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Stunning!
    • by Maxine king
    • I simple adour this fragrance and its presentation.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Tralala Eau de Parfum Review
    • by boska
    • captivating. haven't had another perfume achieve the same effect with me ever.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Amazing...
    • by Wendy French
    • My husband wanted to treat me to a 'different' scent from my norm, so I tried this and was bowled over.. I have always loved So Pretty by Cartier, bur now that is no longer available, I have found my perfect smell! Please don't ever discontinue.. its amazing.. and such an adorable presentation.. Thank You..
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Mmmmmm !!
    • by Annie
    • Received a small sample with an order. I love it ! Will have to drop some big hints for Christmas
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Sensuality In A Bottle
    • by diane
    • wow, an amazing first hit to the senses and a lingering carnival of aromas throughout the day . Will definitely order this - my new signature scent x
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Very Good
    • by
    • very good
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Amazing
    • by Chi
    • Tried this on blotter a few months ago. It was not very impressive to me. Found it was a bit too sharp. Finally tried it on skin last night, Wow! It was really amazing. A bit spicy note to start with a nice touch of whiskey, not harsh at all. Slowly leather, saffron and floral notes join in, it was complex, smooth and rounded. Dry down with vanilla, vetiver and a small dose of patchouli were really yummy and long lasting. Keep smelling my arm whole night!
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Sweet Smoke!
    • by Michael
    • After the recent launch of this new scent I was eager to sample it for myself. For me the scents that linger are the sweet and the smoky elements of this blend. Stunning. Although the packaging is positively feminine this male will continue to use it.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Deliciously Asexual!
    • by Sir Nicholas.
    • Just had a bottle of this delivered with my moustache wax and goodness me it is Heaven. I know this is a Ladies Fragrance but this chappie has seriously fallen in love with it! Guess it must be the Whisky notes!
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Beautiful!
    • by anonymous
    • Had a sample of this included in a recent order, I love it, can`t wait to order, the only thing putting me off is the cap, it does not go with the bottle for me, bottle and bow is elegant and ladylike the cap seems a childish.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Romantic
    • by Angela
    • Just had a complementary sample of Tralala. What perfect scent. Sexy, romantic, mysterious. What more can I say. Certainly on my wish list
      Would you recommend it? : Yes
    • 5Image
    • Provocatively Sublime
    • by Barbara
    • I have just had the sample and have fallen in love with the heady perfume....can't wait to buy it.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes