• Say it with Flowers

    Posted on 3rd June 2013 by Nick

    Floriography, also known as ‘The Language of Flowers’, was a popular method of expressing emotions and sending messages in Victorian times. Whilst we have lost many of the meanings in time, a red rose is still thought of as a symbol of passionate love, and daisies still suggest innocence. Read More

  • Raise your glass to…

    Posted on 1st May 2013 by Laura

    It’s a well-known fact that we love cocktails here at Penhaligon’s. We recently teamed up with Hendrick’s Gin and Happiness Forgets to create a Juniper Sling cocktail inspired by the notes within our intoxicating fragrance. Read More

  • Sartorial Collection

    Posted on 1st May 2013 by Alex

    Penhaligon’s Sartorial is a masculine fragrance tailored to perfection. Perfumer Bertrand Duchaufour was inspired by the workrooms of Norton & Sons, Bespoke Tailors at No. 16 Savile Row. Read More

  • Peoneve is a rare beauty

    Posted on 1st May 2013 by Alex

    Olivier Cresp’s follow up to Juniper Sling for Penhaligon’s was Peoneve, an outstanding portrait of two iconic flowers, peony and rose. Read More