Movember Mo Wax

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  • A tin of our wax is the must-have accessory for any respectable Moustache Merchant wanting to keep it neat this Movember. Lightly scented with Sartorial your mo will smell as good as it looks. PENHALIGON’S ARE DONATING £2 OF EVERY TIN SOLD TO MOVEMBER
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    • Marvellous Moustache Wax
    • by Steffan
    • As a hirsute gentleman of rather shaggy proportions it is a delight to find a product which perfectly satisfies my needs. Sartorial Moustache Wax, provides control and support combined with a most pleasing warm fragrance that will keep your top lip pecker all day long
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    • Are You Having A Laugh?
    • by A Chump
    • Having read the other reviews, I thought this would be a good product. Notice there is no quantity or size given. I assumed, for £5, I would get at least 100g of the stuff to use. Even 50g, so long as it's good. SEVEN. GRAMS. The tiny pot (about an inch in diameter) is half full. That isn't a thimbleful of wax. Are you serious? What is this made out of, the Queen's earwax? Don't waste your money.
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    • My First Ever Wax
    • by Mark
    • This is my first ever wax and I am very impressed. A little certainly goes a long way. It smells great and holds the shape of your moustache well, it lasts throughout the day and allows reshaping during this time.
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    • Perfectly Perfect!
    • by Sir George.
    • Absolutely top stuff! I have a full beard topped with a glorious full moustache and this wax keeps my facial hair in top condition and perfect shape. It also has a wonderful old school smell which is deliciously Edwardian and nostalgic. Makes me feel like a proper gentleman!
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    • The Best
    • by anonymous
    • Got a tin at Christmas and it is my go to wax when I am going out. Actually it is so good that it has become my everyday wax.
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    • Top Tips Guaranteed!
    • by James McCarthy
    • I received a tub of this fine wax with my MOvember grooming kit. I currently have product from Captain Fawcett which is superb, but not always easily manageable and Taylor's of Old Bond St, which doesn't have the holding power. This is the perfect pomade to keep a gent's upper lip stiff at all times.
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    • Mr Martyn Says Why The Devil Not Old Bean.
    • by Malcolm R Martyn
    • I have used this product on several occasions in the past, once applied it turns one into a gentleman of the highest order. Makes you more attractive to woman, smells good and helps define the look that only the most well kept Mo can withstand. All in all I would recommend it to anyone.
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