Bluebell Bath Oil

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  • Our bath oils are made with the highest quality ingredients to moisturise and nourish the skin. The oil disperses quickly into the bath and is easily absorbed by the skin leaving your skin silky soft.

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    • The Best Bath Oil That Has Ever Graced My Bath Tub
    • by Kate
    • I love bath oils as they are moisturising, but Penhaligons' bluebell is the best by far. Its delightful packaging and deep, rich, sky-like colour makes me feel like it is spring time every time I buy a bottle. The scent is like nothing I have ever smelt before and envelopes me, sending me to a beautiful garden. This exquisite oil maybe expensive compared to others, but it lasts a lot longer. I also must add that I have sensitive skin and this nourishes me without making me itch. This is my favourote product of all time and I will buy it again.
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    • Woodland In April A Mist Of Bluebells A Scent To Fill Your Heart With Joy.....
    • by Frances
    • I love this scent it is fresh innocent clean like Bluebells I love the whole range bath oil soap body lotion shower gel...then the perfume I feel wonder the Queen loves it England..Bluebells..April..Nice One!
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