Regent Street Redux: Christopher Jenner and the evolving Penhaligon’s Style

  • Posted on 29th April 2013 by Alex
  • Destination retail space

    As befitting a destination retail space in one of London’s busiest streets, Penhaligon’s and Jenner decided to do something a little different. The perfume brand has its roots in Edwardian barbering and the traditions of English eccentricity and perfumed whimsy. Re-interpreting these traditions for a modern and vibrant retail environment was potentially a challenging brief, but London-based Christopher Jenner has years of multi-disciplinary design experience and embraced the challenge. Singapore

    His first project for Penhaligon’s was the stylish Penhaligon’s boutique for the Ion Orchard Mall in Singapore. This space is brimming with luxury retailers and Jenner’s unique design aesthetic compliments the busy and glamorous world of Singaporean shopping. The store is a delightful mix of heritage inspired design, mixed with real vintage pieces and some key Jenner touches; padded walls reminiscent of Chesterfield upholstering, dramatic factice-inspired pendant lights, bespoke ‘P’ cupboard handles and ceiling roses inspired by the bravura ceiling roses in Westminster.

    Christopher Jenner

    The Jenner & Penhaligon’s design concept is a clever and witty application of the Beaux-Arts style, an influential architectural movement, combining a nod to over-scaled neo-classical detailing, swagging, decorative panels, columns, pilasters, parapets and noticeably ornamental features. Jenner has worked in barley twist columns, the lush papal padded and studded walls, ornate cabinet detailing and contrasted this with sensual sci-fi colour touches and striking burgundy glass chandeliers. This blend of offbeat and contrasting styles married perfectly with Penhaligon’s iconoclastic approach to perfumery.

    So when the opportunity arose to revamp what was essentially a blank canvas at Regent Street, Christopher Jenner and his dedicate design team were asked to apply their skills to the space. When the store was unveiled in January 2013, everyone agreed it was a triumph. The elements that had worked so well in Singapore had been elegantly adapted and fitted into a very different style of retail space. The colours and ornate tiling, the padded walls, the display boxes, the jewel-like colours and beautiful burgundy glass chandelier lights heighten the sense of opulence in the store. Another big change for the store is the windows. The old style boutique had floor level windows with large rounded glass panels that were challenging to merchandise. With the new redux version of the store, the windows now come into focus and serve to pull the eye into the store.

    Both Singapore and Regent Street now have a unique blend of eccentric Edwardian style mixed with modern finishes and that trademark Penhaligon’s twist, taking the old and vintage and making it vital once again.

    The Jenner touch has been visited upon House of Fraser in Oxford Street and will be the look of the second Penhaligon’s Singapore store opening in May 2013 in the exclusive Marina Bay Sands complex. The relationship between Christopher Jenner and Penhaligon’s is one of respect and admiration. The results have been wonderful, making the new retail spaces a joy to visit.