Bayolea Conditioning Shave Cream

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  • A comprehensive Gentleman's grooming range from Penhaligon's.

    A conditioning cream to facilitate shaving.

    Apply a small coin sized amount to the face in upward, circular motions. For maximum efficacy, apply with a Shaving Brush.

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    wrtie a review
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    • Looking For... Lather
    • by Patrice COLLEE
    • 15 min trying to make some lather... No way, I gave up.
      Would you recommend it? : No
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    • Its Not A Shaving Cream
    • by KD
    • I purchased this as a shaving cream as per the other review. The description also said its a shaving cream and can be applied with a brush. A brush does not work with this cream. The brush would soak it up. If you need a shaving cream that lathers then this is not for you. The scent is amazing btw but misadvertised in my opinion.
      Would you recommend it? : No
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    • No Lather... At All
    • by anonymous
    • Please note previous review is for the face scrub, not the shave cream. This product does not produce any lather at all. It says to apply with a brush, but it just disappears into the brush and does not lather. It produces a greasy clear film which makes shaving difficult as you cannot see where you have been. Very disappointed. I would like a full refund. Nothing like Blenheim Bouquet shave cream.
      Would you recommend it? : No
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    • Excellent
    • by N
    • The finest face scrub I have ever had the pleasure of using.
      Would you recommend it? : Yes