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Vanilla Tea
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Vanilla Tea

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  • Countess Dorothea has a new bounce in her step ever since she received a fine trunk of special blend tea. The rarity of such an offering, the beauty of such a chest, the finesses of this perfumed and invigorating brew has not gone unnoticed. Familymembers, and even sometimes house guests, linger in the library or on the stairs hoping to receive an invitation to ‘drop by’ for a cup of Afternoon Tea. Something so apparently casual is anything but. The precision of her instructions for preparation, the elegance of her pour, the refinement of the fine-bone china — (It’s from somewhere called Limoges.)
    Those in the know are aware that this moment has been reserved for the important subjects of the day, the ones that Can Not Be Discussed in Public, that is to say, over breakfast or supper.
    The black tea blended with ground vanilla pods comes all the way from India; (Assam and Ceylon don’t you know).

    Can be served with milk.
    Or sherry.

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