Savoy Steam Eau de Cologne
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Savoy Steam Eau de Cologne

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    Head Notes

    Lemon Primofiore, Bergamot
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    Heart Notes

    Eucalyptus Oil, Rosemary Oil Tunisia
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    Base Notes

    White Cedarwood Oil, Fir Balsam
  • Hallelujah, life alive!
    Invigorations of joy. Vigorous palpitations.
    A deluge of delight. The friction of freshness!
    The wet-plunge, from hot to cold.
    In steam and water, sensations multiply.
    The cooling eucalyptus, and an ambrosial aromatic rosemary ointment
    shot through with lemon primofiore.
    And no less zealous.
    Fir balsam and white cedar
    bring spirited blond traction, that chimes with the
    Masterful blend of resins & incense.

    This cologne is a splash and will arrive bottled with stopper.

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