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Sartorial Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl
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Sartorial Shaving Soap in Wooden Bowl

  • $55
  • Made from the finest ingredients our traditional shaving soaps and creams have excellent stubble softening and conditioning properties ensuring a close shave and beautifully scented skin. Use with one of our classic badger hair brushes to create a rich lather. Diameter 10cm / Depth 3cm

Customer Reviews

Fantastic Soap With Captivating Scent Review
As I opened the box of my new shave soap, a delightful ozone/metallic/beeswax fragrance wafted up and filled my nostrils. Housed in its beautiful wood...en bowl, the soap looked and smelled better than any other. But how did it perform? Unbelievably well! It whipped effortlessly into a thick and lasting lather with my sliver tip the application of lather to my face felt like being swathed in warm silk. It was extremely generous with both slickness and cushion, giving me a very, VERY comfortable shave. I made three passes with it and nit a single knick or any hint of razorburn (which is rare with my sensitive skin). My baby smooth shaven face felt moisturized and taut. This soap bested all of my other highly prized soaps (tallow or not) in presentation, performance and especially scent. Truly the best shave that money can buy!  ... more
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