Sartorial Deodorant
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Sartorial Deodorant

  • $30
  • A deodorant stick that has been formulated to keep you smelling clean, fresh and like Sartorial all day.
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    wrtie a review
    • Excellent For Delicate Sensitive Skin Review
    • Never gives an under arm rash even though I have very sensitive skin. The smell lingers for about 16-18 hours!! Absolutely phenomenal.
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    • Fragrance Top But Not For Sensitive Skin Review
    • The fragrance is absolutely top-notch just like all penhaligons products. However, after using it for about a month, my skin was starting to get reall... more
    • Would you recommend it? : No
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    • My Choice For Busy Days Review
    • Sartorial is the fragrance I use for business meetings, being out and about meeting clients. It's fresh but confident, and grows warmer as the day goe... more
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