Fragrance Library
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Fragrance Library

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  • Our Fragrance Library for men and women offers an introduction to the Penhaligon's fragrance range. Each set contains 5 x 10ml samples of our most popular scents.

    Blenheim Bouquet: A bracing mix of citrus oils, spices and woods. Immaculately turned out with a flash of heritage.

    Halfeti: The beginning of this story is fresh and vigorous. It evolves with gusto thanks to jasmine and spiced rose.

    Empressa: Florals and fruits are exquisitely combined, tamed, because whilst she is sweet she is anything but clingy.

    Endymion: A study in contrasts; spicy and fresh, strong deep.

    Juniper Sling: Nothing brings jubilance and joy to the senses quite like… Gin! And now a cocktail, or Sling.

Customer Reviews

Love These Review
These are great to pop into your handbag and for travelling. Also know which big bottle to buy as i have the opportunity to try out more than one.
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Fragrance Library Review
Excellent perfume how ever it presents itself
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Pretty Good Review
I bought a sample with 5 bottles, really loved two, and liked the other three. Would purchase again, and I recommend.
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Scent Library... Review
I have to agree with the above review. I see no benefit in having male/female/unisex fragrances all in one scent library. I think it would be much m...ore logical to have ten male fragrances in one scent library and ten female fragrances in another. I would actually be open to purchasing a set of ten men's fragrances just for my own personal use. I would not consider purchasing a library the way it is now.  ... more
Would you recommend it? : Yes
Hi Scott, We're sorry you unhappy with your purchase. Although our fragrances are "gendered" we do not believe out fragrances are strictly male or female as each individual bring out the notes in a fragrance in a different way. by Penhaligon's customer services
Old Scent Library Was Better Review
I love Penhaligon's scents, but why put men's, women's, and undecided in the same, small scent library? Granted, the distinction between men's, women...'s and "unisex" is pretty arbitrary, but I very much doubt I would wear Empressa simply on principle. Go back to the old "unisex/male" and "unisex/female" sets of ten. Much more sensible.  ... more
Would you recommend it? : No