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Blenheim Bouquet Collection

Friday, 19th June 2015, Written By Alex
An aristocratic citrus, dry and aromatically anchored with woods and lavender, Blenheim Bouquet takes it inspiration from the iconic Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, the ancestral seat of the dukes of Marlborough whose illustrious descendants include Sir Winston Churchill.
Hammam Bouquet was Penhaligon’s first fragrance in 1872, a heady, oriental brew of roses, woods, jasmine and animalic musks. This style of scent was quite typical of the time, heavy and floral, rose-based with spices and orris. Powder and drama. These fragrances now seem a little vintage and boudoir in character but still pack quite a punch in olfactory terms.

Blenheim Bouquet came along, essentially a clever reworking of the cologne formulation, but deepened and enriched with eucalyptus, pine, musks and a huge dose of black pepper. The interesting thing to note about the structure of the scent is the lack of heart notes.

The fragrance opens with the driest of lemon and lime combinations,  crisp and clean, underpinned by rosemary and fresh lavender and then settling briskly into the warmest of woody resinous drydowns. There are aromas of clean cotton, sweet varnish and hay in the mix as the aromatic notes settle on the skin.

The key to Blenheim Bouquet’s success is discretion and timelessness. The scent has negotiated its olfactory way through history and adapted to every twist and turn of its existence.  It has a subtle, distinguished presence and this makes it a delight to wear, for everyday, dressed up for night or dressed down for play.
Originally launched for gentleman, Blenheim Bouquet is also a huge hit with the ladies. It is often hard to find a sharp, fresh and sunny scent with staying power that does not have the soapier or spicier elements of traditional style colognes and eau de toilettes. It is a global scent, successful across the world and across all age groups. The fascinating thing about Blenheim Bouquet is its continued modernity and relevance. The dryness, suaveness and sophistication of assembly make the fragrance an easy yet dignified choice in this age of sensual overload. Less is more. This is Blenheim Bouquet’s secret. Subtlety, savoir-faire and timeless elegance.

Head Notes: lemon, lime, lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, lemongrass, citronella
Heart Notes: No heart notes
Base Notes: pine, musk, black pepper, sandalwood, amyris