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Lady of Luxury
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Lady of Luxury

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  • Luna, Empressa, Halfeti, Artemisia, Elisabethan Rose

    Indulge the special ladies on your list with the Penhaligon’s Mini Her Collection featuring five of the most- popular feminine scents in one luxurious set.

    Sparkling first with Bergamot oil and lemon primofiore, it soon finds a dream-like calm, with jasmine, juniper and soft rose accords. A harmony complete when musks and ambergris enchant Endymion’s endless beauty sleep.

    A Middle Eastern Rose, from Damascus, makes the fragrance tender; geranium and pepper bring verve. The opening trilogy of blood orange, bergamot and mandarin serve as an inviting, radiant smile.

    A potion so delightfully intoxicating one falls immediately in love. Warm, strong and reassuring all at once. All respectability forgotten, we have travelled far, as far as Turkey! And here in Halfeti, the red roses appear black so intense is their magic.

    As sweet as lush nectarines and refreshing like tea! This is a fresh gourmand that entices like a luminescent honey-trap. Indeed, Artemis the Goddess of the hunt is often found arching her bow naked and at night!

    Elisabethan Rose:
    A fragrance with (of course) a most commanding presence. Regal. Demanding. Imposing. And yet so perfectly at ease. Delicate indeed.

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