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Kensington Amber Eau de Parfum
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Kensington Amber Eau de Parfum

  • $199
  • Royalty and refinement give Kensington a distinct air.
    From Kensington Palace, to the Victoria and Albert museum, the rich history of London is etched in the Royal monuments and Edwardian villas that shape its squares and elegant streets.

    In this fragrance the amber notes are truly powerful yet always mastered, well-mannered almost discrete.

    The warmth and exoticism of cinnamon summon images of the Victorian era of expansion and exploration, while vanilla brings exquisite comfort; a reminder of a bygone luxurious approach to living.

Customer Reviews

Magnificent Dry Down And Sillage Review
Initially, I did not like this fragrance at all but the lady at the store sprayed it on a hanky and a wand for me, I placed both in my handbag, hours... later when I opened my handbag, I couldn't believe how stunningly beautiful this fragrance was. So, I went back and bought it the next day :) and have been wearing it every day since. NB: It pairs well with Elisabethan Rose and Lavandula  ... more
Would you recommend it? : Yes