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Gifts for her

Gifts For Her

A well-chosen gift from Penhaligon’s is a sure-fire way to delight a lady. Whatever the occasion; a birthday, anniversary or other special date, we have a pleasing range of expertly selected gifts for her.

  • For the merry maidenFor the merry maiden CHRISTMAS For the merry maiden - Gift Set
    Five darling little bottles of Penhaligon’s most-loved ladies’ fragrances.
  • For the starry-eyedFor the starry-eyed CHRISTMAS For the starry-eyed
    Three Luna delights nestled in a cracker: fragrance, shower gel and body lotion.
  • For a festive adornment CHRISTMAS For a festive adornment
    A love this glorious must be displayed with pride – upon one’s tree, no less.
  • For the well travelledFor the well travelled CHRISTMAS For the well-travelled - Gift Set
    Give love this Christmas, with Halfeti eau de parfum and body and hand wash.
  • For the royally goodFor the royally good CHRISTMAS For the royally good - Gift Set
    Spend Christmas in Tudor England with this incomparable Elisabethan Rose set.
  • For a festive fairytaleFor a festive fairytale CHRISTMAS For a festive fairytale - Ornament
    A dapper, silver-plated nutcracker decoration to bring luck to festive homes.
  • Silver mistleltoeSilver mistleltoe CHRISTMAS For A Yuletide Romance - Ornament
    A silver-plated mistletoe Christmas decoration, sure to get pulses a-racing.
  • Heartless HelenHeartless Helen Heartless Helen
    An opulent flourish of tuberose in mandarin-scented woods. Hooked? You will be.
    Innocence is a virtue but crime pays
  • Clandestine Clara Eau de ParfumClandestine Clara Eau de Parfum Portraits Clandestine Clara
    "Thank the heavens above she is not a Lady."
    "Sister to Lady Blanche"
  • Luna Eau de ToiletteLuna Eau de Toilette Luna Eau de Toilette
    Luna is a new fresh floral named after the mythical Goddess of the Moon
  • Elisabethan Rose Eau de ParfumElisabethan Rose Eau de Parfum Signature Eau de Parfum
    Regal. Demanding. Imposing. And yet so perfectly at ease. Delicate indeed.
  • Cairo Eau De Parfum Cairo Eau De Parfum Trade Routes Cairo Eau De Parfum
    Damascan Rose is macerated in an abundance of woods and spices. An ornate and sumptuous composition that echos with saffron, incense, vanilla and patchouli.
  • Lily of the Valley Eau de ToiletteLily of the Valley Eau de Toilette Lily Of The Valley Eau de Toilette
    The sweetness of this soliflore is first of all one of character
  • Vaara Eau de Parfum Signature Vaara Eau de Parfum
    Modern and intensely atmospheric, Vaara is a fragrance fit for a Maharajah.
  • Heritage - Castile Eau de ToiletteHeritage - Castile Eau de Toilette Eau de Toilette
    A classic citrus; fresh & bursting with the dusky sensuality of warm Mediterranean nights.
  • Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette 100ml Orange Blossom Orange Blossom Eau de Toilette
    Orange Blossom is a luminous honeyed floral. Lush with Calabrian orange and bergamot.
  • Quercus Quercus Body and Hand Wash
    Our liquid hand and body wash contains gentle conditioning ingredients to leave your skin cleansed, refreshed and hydrated.
  • Elisabethan Rose Body & Hand Lotion Elisabethan Rose Body & Hand Lotion
    Penhaligon’s regal and demanding rose fragrance is now available as a delicate Body and Hand Lotion.
  • Empressa Body & Hand Lotion Empressa Body & Hand Lotion
    Empressa, bursting with fruit & underlined with vanilla in a sumptuous body and hand lotion.
  • Number One Formula Lip Balm Number One Formula Lip Balm
    A nourishing and protecting lip balm scented with our new Number One Formula
  • Orange Blossom Lip Balm Orange Blossom Lip Balm
    Our popular Orange Blossom scent in a nourishing new lip balm
  • Lily of the Valley Classic CandleLily of the Valley Classic Candle Lily Of The Valley Classic Candle
    This will fill your home with the inviting fragrance of rose, jasmine and lily of the valley.
  • Vaara Classic CandleVaara Classic Candle Vaara Vaara Classic Candle
    Fill your home with the scent of coriander, carrot seeds, creamy saffron & juicy quince.
  • Penhaligon's Scent LibraryPenhaligon's Scent Library Scent Library
    A perfect introduction into the world of Penhaligon's. The set contains ten of our popular scents.
    10 x 2ml$29ADD
  • Ladie's Fragrance Collection Ladie's Fragrance Collection Ladies' Fragrance Collection
    Penhaligon’s ever popular miniature collection of best-selling women’s fragrances makes for the perfect gift.
  • Penhaligon's Fragrance LibraryPenhaligon's Fragrance Library Fragrance Library
    The perfect introduction into the world of Penhaligon's. Five of our popular scents.
    10ml x 5$84ADD