Following our noses to a brighter future, Penhaligon’s launches the Re-Use & Make New In-Store Service. Simply bring your empty bottle with you and receive 20% off refills when you sign up to the newsletter.

Stroll on down to Regent Street, Covent Garden Wellington Street, Bluewater, Liverpool Chester or Glasgow Boutique and be greeted by a white-gloved service from one’s very own fragrance aficionados.

Refills available in selected 75ml and 100ml scents.


Step 1.

Penhaligon’s Re-Use & Make New Service launches in five stores, visit the Liverpool, Bluewater, Covent Garden Wellington Street, Glasgow or Regent Street Boutique and bring your empty bottle with you.

Step 2.

Pass your empty bottle on to a fragrance aficionado at the refill station and we’ll refill it for you

Step 3.

Walk away feeling pleased with yourself for sparing your bottle and the planet. Well done you.


Halfeti | Endymion Concentre | Sartorial | Luna | Opus | Empressa | Lothair | Blenheim Bouquet | Elisabethan Rose | Endymion | Cairo | Juniper Sling | Quercus | Orange Blossom | The Favourite | The Tragedy of Lord George  | The Coveted Duchess Rose | The Blazing Mister Sam | The Bewitching Yasmine | Changing Constance


Purchasing from Penhaligon's affords you a plethora of other perks, too. Allow us to name but a few.

Don't Mind If I Do


We're at your service with a whole host of possibilities to personalise your loved one’s finest gifts.

At Your Service

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