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Step into the workroom of Norton & Sons, bespoke tailors of Savile Row, and breathe in. Steam, beeswax, leather and lavender. Vanilla-sweet notes of tonka bean. A dapper scent for dapper gents.
17 reviews


Eau de Toilette

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Head Notes

Ozonic Effect, Metallic Effect, Violet Leaf, Neroli, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Fresh Ginger


Heart Notes

Beeswax, Cyclamen, Linden Blossom, Lavender, Leather


Base Notes

Gurgum Wood, Myrrh, Cedarwood, Tonka Bean, Oakmoss, Honey Effect, Old Wood Effect


17 reviews

The smell of a true gentleman

This scent was first introduced to me by a barber in Sydney, Australia. After my haircut and shave, he applied the Penhaligon's Sartorial Aftershave Balm. I immediately asked him about it and ended up buying a tube from his shop. I later got the actual cologne in London at the store in Angels. This is the perfect scent of a true gentleman. My wife can't get enough of the scent on me. It is fresh, clean, and yet manly. For the sophisticated man who loves a luxurious scent that is iconic, this is the best signature. I only wish they would create a candle, a soap, and any other homeware out of this scent as I would love to have this smell pumped into my entire home.

by Mark Gregory

16 Dec 2020


Absolutely marvelous men’s fragrance. It’s long-lasting (but not overpowering), classy and masculine. I only use two fragrances, Sartorial and GIT, and sartorial is my go-to for daily wear.

by Th Yal

23 Nov 2020

Just Right

Robust but not overpowering - long lasting but doesn't go stale.

by Neil Nortcliffe

22 Aug 2017

The Perfect Scent

I can't get enough of Sartorial (even bought the beard oil). It's a scent I prefer to wear on a formal occasion, and I always get enquiries as to what Im wearing. Very Masculine.

by Daniel Lee

07 Sep 2016

Fabulous Fragrance!

This is my daytime/work cologne. Sophisticated yet soft. Definitely a luxury scent. It goes very well with any Penhaligons fragrances. If you wear this, expect compliments!

by Justin Derossett

20 Aug 2016

The Best Penhaligon

This is my favarite Penhaligon I have purchased so far. I say this because it's the most powerful long lasting and smells great. Trust me a 50ml bottle would easily last a year of daily use. Mine will probably last twice this as I only wear weekends and the odd day doing something special.

by Darren Murdoch

26 Jul 2016

The Only Signature Scent You Will Ever Need.

It's time to stop wearing the after shave you were given for Christmas. It's time to stop buying a bottle on the basis that you liked the advert. It's time to stop smelling like everyone else. And it's time to choose a signature scent. Sartorial is it. In a world of sweet, cloying generic scents, Sartorial sounds proud, confident and understated, like the men who wear it. Simultaneously classic and modern, a few sprays of Sartorial will not announce itself to the room as you enter, but will last forever in the memory of the woman who gets close enough to smell it.

by David Mayor

31 May 2015

Fluent Elegance

No tutorial or class can make a gentleman with eloquence. However, this fragrance bottled in glass will enhance your sartorial elegance. A warm masculine fragrance.

by Craig Hooper

10 May 2015

Best In Class

Favourite scent in the Penhaligons gents range. Would welcome more products in the Sartorial line.

by Thomas Stratford

07 May 2015

Wonderful Scent

one of the best fragrances I have ever had

by Richard Conrad

05 May 2015


simply a classy classic fragrance that always gets people's noses interested.

by Chris Norris

05 May 2015

I ordered a sample of this as well as Endymion and Juniper Sling as i was looking to invest in a large bottle (i went for Endymion in the end which is fantastic!) and to be honest i was surprised at how much i really dislike this fragrance. It reminds me of a certain aftershave my dad used to wear, the name of which rhymes with flute, it smells cheap and metallic and nothing like i was expecting. Really disappointed!

by Christopher Virgin

08 Apr 2015

My New Favorite

I was introduced to this fragrance due to the release of the Sartorial Beard Oil. I was eager to start using a beard oil even before knowing what Sartorial smelled like, and now I am hooked. I have chosen this for my Fall/Winter fragrance because it matches the season so well - in addition to it having a magnificent smell. It is dark and mysterious like Winter, as opposed to Blenheim Bouquet's bright and lively scent which I prefer to wear in the warmer months.

by Erik Daly

16 Oct 2014

My Secret

I just love this wear it all the time and, have had many compliments "you smell gorgeous" is just one! and, surprise I am a female! who cares? certainly not me.


07 Oct 2014

A Must Have!!!

I bought this as a special gift to myself for Christmas this year (in the special musical bird collection tin). Originally my intention was to have something for special occasions and evenings out, but I find myself justifying wearing it more and more for everyday - when it smells this good why would I want to substitute anything else? It is not overpowering, but it wraps you in a cloak of sophisticated masculinity. It is not harsh or abrasive though, as if all the hard edges have been smoothed off by just the right amount. I particularly love the woody after note that even when it is barely detectable (the next day for example) will occasionally faintly re-appear to remind you how good it is. My wife also loves it too which is an added bonus as we don't always agree about colognes. I ended up buying the beard oil and the shaving soap too (to cover all bases!).

by Julian O'Brien

01 Apr 2014

A New Favorite

A great clean scent that is masculine yet light and lasts all day. It's perfect for being indoors and outdoors and I think works well in any kind of weather. The slightly more expensive fragrance is well worth the investment. I am constantly complimented on it by women and people I don't even know! It's a clean scent without being soapy or floral. I'm very excited to try some of the other products in this line.

by Benjamin Esparza

08 Nov 2013

The Essence Of Modern Manliness

Penhaligon’s Sartorial is the absolute essence of modern, masculine form. Reviewers have noted Sartorial’s similarities to masculine aromatic fougéres such as Brut. Brut is indeed quintessentially ‘man’, but it is simple, primitive man, still living in a cave, hunting for food and painting crude drawings. Sartorial is 21st century man, well educated, sophisticated and robed in tailored clothing. The fragrance is exquisite due to the sheer ensemble of aromatic compounds. An initial, ozonic, spicy blast settles to the opening and closing an array of sensational acts, held together by an underlying, waxy motif: floral hints mingle with sweet vanilla and tonka, which balance perfectly with a wonderful sillage of aromatic spice. Finally, a denouement of woods and oakmoss linger potently for some time before finally ebbing away. The beauty of such a complex composition is its ability to twist and turn, with aromas re-emerging and subsiding. Simply said, Sartorial is magnificent.

by Ben Edwards

25 Jul 2013

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Some of the oldest and most distinctive scents in perfumery are fougères, Chypré’s masculine counterpart. French for fern, fougère fragrances tend to have sweet lavender top notes with woodier oakmoss undertones.


The most perfectly Penhaligon’s of scents. Take a trip to the Palace with Blenheim Bouquet. Or step into the spotlight at the English National Ballet with Iris Prima. There’s a myriad of timeless classics to delight the senses in our Signature Collection.


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