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Hold on to your Christmas hats! Here’s the perfect excuse to prepare for the season of giving today – as if you were in need of one. ​Peruse Penhaligon’s collection of divinely scented gifts.

The Exotic Lands Gift Set

Drift on a rosy breeze of time with Halfeti and Cairo 100ml eau de parfums.


The Debonair Dreamer Gift Set

Was $266. A sparkle of bergamot, coffee and suede in an eau de parfum and Body & Hand Wash.

$226 1 unit

The Dewy Dreamer Gift Set

Was $118. Bergamot and lavender lay to rest on a bed of suede in a duo of Body & Hand Wash and Lotion.


The Shining Empressa Gift Set

Was $118. Bathe with the Empressa's Body & Hand Wash and Lotion gift set.

$110 1 unit

The Halfeti Home & Away Gift Set

Was $387. A holiday romance. A mysterious eau de parfum in 100ml & 30ml, heady with rose, grapefruit and spice.

$330 1 unit

The Wandering Empressa Gift Set

Was $291. An eau de parfum and rollerball gift set for the lady who freely roams.

$249 1 unit

The Empressa's Ritual Gift Set

Was $376. The Empressa's ritual begins at dawn with her eau de parfum, Body & Hand Wash and Body & Hand Lotion gift set.

$328 1 unit

The Pleasures Of The Palace Gift Set

Was $218. An eau de toilette and Body & Hand Wash cocktail of lemon, black pepper and pine is on the menu in this palatial gift set.

$186 1 unit

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