Fragrance family: Woody

Collection: Portraits

The Blazing Mister Sam

An American abroad, with all the cocky confidence you might expect. Hot and cold spices mingle over dry patchouli and creamy cedar in his eau de parfum. No one can quite resist Sam’s charms. Yeehaw!
10 reviews


Size 75 ml
Eau de Parfum

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10 reviews

Penhaligons Fragrance Team Member, Liverpool

A swanky member of the portraits collection. His gentle pepper note combined with cardamom and cumin give him an edge which is reflected in his bold character, an American in England. To me, this fragrance is ideal for autumn and winter months, as it is perhaps a little heavier than some of the other members within this collection. This is perfect for a gent, or lady, who is looking for a compliment-getter, or perhaps just a fragrance intended to instil confidence.

by Alex Miles

31 Oct 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team member, HQ

I never thought Mr Sam would be the one for me, but following a blind fragrance profiling led by one of our incredible fragrance sommeliers at the Wellington St store, this was the one I chose. A beautiful, powerful unisex fragrance that strikes the perfect balance of spice and wood without being to overbearing in any one way. Definitely a fragrance to be worn on special evening occasions, and one that leaves a lasting impression with others. A scent that exudes luxury, confidence and balance.

by Hugo Tucker

26 Oct 2021

Penhaligons Team Member, Liverpool

My first ever Penhaligons fragrance and still one i hold dear! I love the blend of cardamom with tobacco leaf and saffron, softened with the creamy cedar and vanilla base! To me, The Blazing Mr Sam smells adventurous and daring yet playful! Just like his character would suggest. A perfect fragrance for any gender.

by Keeley Stenson

02 Oct 2021

Bold and Confident

I find The Blazing Mr Sam to be a bold and confident fragrance, which I love wearing at this time of year as it's woody with just the right amount of spice!

by Diane McPhie

20 Sep 2021

Mmmm, very nice

I just left Selfridges with my fiancé and I decided to give this a try. She like it immediately but I had to warm up to it. After walking around the mall, I kept smelling this luxurious smell around me while forgetting I had someone spray Blazing Mister Sam on me. I'm from the US so I don't think there are stores nearby as in the UK. However, I might have to get a bottle. Especially since the Mrs. loves it. Five star.

by Sterling Ginger

18 Dec 2020

Absolutely in love

I just bought this after trying a few perfumes in the Covent Garden shop. I just loved this on my skin. The girls there were lovely and very helpful, also very knowledgeable. They recommended a few perfumes and gave me samples. I can't wait to wear this, it makes me feel gorgeous and confident.

by Mara Iovan

18 Jul 2020

Blazing Mr Sam, an ocean of aroma

I was very sweetly given a sample of this from a member of staff in the Edinburgh store - I decided to premiere it on my graduation day and for this reason, it is now a scent that I relate to pride, resilience and strength. With the very small amount that I used, the scent was so beautiful and powerful and lasted all day. I would love to be able to reminisce and feel like I did on this day again when wearing this wonderful perfume. IG- hol.mas

by Holly Mason

30 Jun 2020

I love it

It's smells 95% like Kalemat by Arabian oud

by Anna Soumahoro

17 Jun 2020

Unbelievably Amazing smell

Oh wow! I simply cannot explain just how AMAZING, different and just beautiful this fragrance is. You've got to smell it to believe it. I have to admit, this is an expensive luxury but, having said that, it's a luxury worth it because its just gorgeous. I defy anyone to smell it and try it on for yourself and not agree that it's gorgeous and different. Once tried always remembered is what I'd say. If you want a real luxury to treat someone or yourself - try this. I defy anyone to say I'm wrong. PS; I'm a woman and I just love having this on me. Yummy!

by Andrea Cain

12 Jun 2020

Blazing Mr Sam

Once again a very long lasting scent but even with the blend of scents I love . Its too sweet all your scents in this collection have that powdery scent and their just too sweet !!! Buy a bottle of Creed Tabarome or George Trumper Eucris both are wonderful scents yet they lack the feminine smell in all your colognes . I really want to use your fragrances but the sweetness is overpowering !!

by samuel leshow

16 Sep 2018

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True to their name, this family is dry, fresh and woody in tone. Be it sandalwood or cedarwood, a woody note is always distinctive, bestowing upon its wearer an air of sophistication.


Discover a fragrance family quite unlike any other, where nothing is quite as it seems. Portraits is a tribute to the good old English spirit: stiff upper lip, sharp wit, and a knack for provocation.


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Our Portraits collection is quite unique from the more traditional Penhaligon’s fragrances. One can tell at a glance at the intricately hand-drawn packaging designs by talented Icelandic illustrator...

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