Fragrance family: Oriental

Collection: Signature


Smoky earl grey tea. Spiced ginger. Sweet amber. An eau de parfum sure to inspire vivid daydreams of an East Indian Spice route. Sensual and rousing warmth lingers long after our journey’s end.

4 reviews


Size 100 ml

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Head Notes

Lemon, Earl Grey Tea And Cilantro


Heart Notes

Ginger, Nutmeg, Cardamom, Rose And Orris


Base Notes

Sweet Amber, Sandalwood And Musk


4 reviews

Deeply Disappointed

I was really looking forward to receiving this perfume, after reading all the glowing reviews, as my husbands birthday treat for me. Maybe it does not suit my skin, I have no idea but I can not smell this even after a few minutes. Most upsetting is that no one has even noticed it or mentioned a perfume even when I have worn it. I have purchased BLUEBELL Talc in the past and was absolutely thrilled with it so I hate to mark this Malabah down but I am honestly gutted at the moment.I was planning on purchasing more perfume but am afraid to waste more money now.

by Mair Rees

21 Oct 2015

She´S A Lady

If I had to choose a fragance for represent what a woman is in essence that would absolutely be Malabah. It´s not that easy to find a scent that talks about feminity without typical recourse of innocence or joy, because Malabah is undoubtely femenine and warm but not sweet, floral or juicy at all. On the contrary it´s dry, dry and warm, spicy and fresh. Naturally oriental but never overhelming, Malabah opens with a burst of citrus that inmediatly gives way to a delicious tea, then the lovely, light rose appears walking hand in hand with ginger and cardamom. The fragance then slowly diminish in strength until the drydown, which is a lightly sweetened sandalwood anchored in amber and musk. Thinking of Malabah I believe this fragance represents the feminity itself. Every woman is born beautiful and strong, and neither the years nor the circumstances shall change this truth. I think Malabah is the final expression of this truth, and for me that makes it unique.

by Anaïs Bahillo

20 Apr 2014

Excellent Gift

I gave this as a gift to my girlfriend and she loved it. She is 26 and is not really into perfume but she has always admired the Penhaligon's scents that I wear. I decided to go with Malbah because it's a bit spicier and less floral. I don't have much of a reference point since I am not that familiar with women's perfume. I recommend it though because it is unique without being over-powering. The touch of spice in the scent makes it sensual and exotic without being masculine. It's definitely not a sweet scent like many a lot of the Penhaligon's women's scents I have found. I'd highly recommend this as a perfect gift for someone special that you want to impress. Not a brand or scent that many people know about in the US and it definitely adds to the specialness of the product.

by Benjamin Esparza

15 Oct 2013

Delightfully Spicy

What a lovely fragrance for Fall/Winter! It is spicy, warm with a hint of sweetness that has a wonderful lingering on the skin. I usually like florals and wear Violetta in the Spring/Summer. So happy to have found this fragrance it is absolutely yummy!

by Michelle Bernstein

14 Oct 2013

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Orientals are some of the richest and most sensual in perfumery’s canon, defined by warm notes of vanilla, amber, balsams, incense, precious woods and musks. Bold and personal – for those who wish to make a statement.


The most perfectly Penhaligon’s of scents. Take a trip to the Palace with Blenheim Bouquet. Or step into the spotlight at the English National Ballet with Iris Prima. There’s a myriad of timeless classics to delight the senses in our Signature Collection.


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Our Portraits collection is quite unique from the more traditional Penhaligon’s fragrances. One can tell at a glance at the intricately hand-drawn packaging designs by talented Icelandic illustrator...

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