Fragrance family: Woody

Collection: Trade Routes


As novel as a foreign shore, as familiar as a cup of tea. Named after one of the last clippers, the Lothair’s hold is stuffed with the fragrant spoils of adventure: juniper, fig milk and ambergris.
6 reviews


Size 100 ml
Eau de Toilette

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Head Notes

Red Berries, Juniper Berry, Cardamom, Bergamot, Grapefruit, Fig Leaf


Heart Notes

Fig Milk, Lavender, Magnolia, Geranium, Black Tea


Base Notes

Vanilla, Musks, Cedarwood, Ambergris, Wenge, Oakmoss


6 reviews

Strongly recommend

Bought this, without having the opportunity to try it on in store. Safe to say I am impressed, when you spray it’s a fresh strong quite masculine scent, which dries down to a creamy scent. This has been added to my go-to fragrance collection.

by Emily O’Boyle

18 Jan 2021

Stunningly Unique

Like no other scent. Sharp yet smooth, enigmatic yet familiar. A real gem.

by Andrew Ballion

24 Jul 2018

Best Find Ever! Thanks Ruthie!

I am absolutely in love with Lothair! Every time I wear it, people comment on it and always ask me where I got it. I am always tempted to not tell them my secret find lol. To me it has a slight sweet and spice smell. Not too strong.

by Mary Nguyen

19 Apr 2018

Magic Every Time

It started with a whiff outside Penhaligon's shop in Paris - Lothair sprayed on a ribbon. It instantly caught me, the scent sending me off to far away places in another time. With a bottle at home and a spare in my travel kit, I now enjoy the magic of Lothair every day, every time.

by Silvi Wompa Sinclair

10 May 2015


I love this scent, it's very well balanced and another outstanding creation from Bertrand and Penhaligons. Well done!

by Sarah Thornton

22 Apr 2015

I discovered this magnificent perfume after I entered the Rue Saint-Honoré boutique in Paris. The seller was kind enough to make me discover all the fragrances he thought could fit for myself and this one definitely did. The fruitful smell gives you the tonus needed while leaving the house for work and, later, the fig and black tea gives you the serenity and confidence to face every little annoying thing of your day. Since the brand is not that known in France, it gives the feeling of having something precious and unique everytime I wear it. Of course, I certainly recommend it. However, I definitely want to keep it for myself )

by Jean-Patrick Haezebrouck

18 Dec 2014

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True to their name, this family is dry, fresh and woody in tone. Be it sandalwood or cedarwood, a woody note is always distinctive, bestowing upon its wearer an air of sophistication.

Trade Routes

Journey to a bygone era of exploration and daring discovery with these exotic perfumes. Trade Routes is infused with the vast array of decadent ingredients that arrived into the London docks at the end of the 19th century.

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