Fragrance family: Oriental

Collection: Trade Routes


The sun rising over Cairo brings warm saffron spice. Soon, all is life. Damascena rose and labdanum bloom above sensual patchouli. This city’s eau de parfum is ancient, but born anew each day.
23 reviews


Size 100 ml
Eau de Parfum

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23 reviews

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team Member, Gunwharf Quays

Cairo is my absolute favourite fragrance. The notes of saffron, rose, incense and vanilla make thsi the most intoxicating unisex fragrance. Perfect layered with Halfeti for a unique scent

by Laura Sheppard

31 Oct 2021

Penhaligon's Fragrance team member HQ

Christophe Raynaud's creation is a great blend of warm wood and floral amber notes - So inviting and warming, perfect for rose lovers. you feel very confident wearing this scent, the best addition to the trade routes collection. If you love Halfeti, you must try Cairo!

by Audrey Vanden Eynden

29 Oct 2021

Thomas RM Durnford

Sand in your eyes and the smell and noise of a camel honking. A myriad of colourful noise, the endless dry heat in queuing with nothing to quench except this magnificent bouquet, of a distant time beset with opulence and mysterious insect bites. I absolutely love it by the way, and you will too!

by Thomas Durnford

19 Oct 2021

Penhaligon's Fragrance Team Member - Cambridge

Intoxicating fragrance shared by myself and my partner. So warm and sensual. Always receive compliments when wearing Cairo.

by Rachel Thompson

04 Oct 2021

My new seasonal favourite

As an all year round Halfeti lover, Cairo is a great elevation for autumn and winter for me. Love it!

by Ellie Dyer

27 Sep 2021

Penhaligon's Fragrance Team Member, HQ

Cairo is a vibrant classic. Reminds deeply of our wonderfully smelling Botanical Gardens in Singapore, AT NIGHT NO LESS! The Atlas Cedarwood bring a real interesting twist to the fragrance.

by Christopher Sean Dawood

23 Sep 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team member, ION

Cairo is divine. Golden. Saffron & damascan rose. Simply dazzling. 2 sprays goes a long way.

by Michelle Tan

20 Sep 2021

Penhaligon’s Fragrance Team member, Glasgow

Cairo captured my heart with its fieriness and golden amber warmth. I feels like walking through a traditional souk in the Middle East with all its spices and splendour. The piquant Persian saffron, jammy Damask rose blended with a gorgeous rich authentic patchouli base makes it a signature-worthy scent. A few sprays go a long way. You will be stopped and complimented many times.

by Faisal -

19 Sep 2021


Cairo is beautiful. I’m no good at poetic reviews, neither have I been to Cairo or a dry dessert, but I imagine this amazing, warm notes of rose, vanilla and saffron give me that sense of being right there! It has such a powerful, irresistible warm feeling of spice when you wear Cairo. The longer it’s on your skin the better it gets. It makes you feel like you can face the world smelling amazing and it lasts all day if not more. I love Cairo and anything with Rose in, I’m sold!

by Sarah Carter

03 Aug 2021



by Arun Dubb

16 May 2021


great product much loved !!1

by Arun Dubb

16 May 2021

Warmly enticing

I was looking for a warm, long-lasting, and slightly sweet fragrance for the Winter. My other Penhaligon's favourites are Vaara, Equinox Bloom and Luna. So I went to my beautiful local shop and I tried various fragrances, until... Cairo hit my senses. It was like the most wonderful breeze of sweet warmth from a sun-drenched country, reminiscent of frankincense, so reassuring and comforting! Now, the more I wear Cairo, the more I love it. I have just noticed it on the collar of my wool jumper... It is absolutely wonderful and captivating on wool. On my skin, it is subtle, perfectly balanced, and very original. A warm embrace. This is a fragrance I will keep for a very long time.

by Marie Lucchetta

30 Dec 2020

Beautiful depth

Ignore all the creepy Orientalizing marketing and reviews (and read some Said, at that. Y’all don’t know from “Ancient Egypt”/“Middle Eastern sand dunes” or whatever else.). Try this scent. I didn’t like it at first—maybe the wood was too overwhelming for my nose, I don’t know exactly what it was. But I went to bed and woke up loving what was on my wrist; it was like it bloomed overnight. The spice and wood and sweetness had blended and balanced perfectly. And within a few days I found myself liking it from the first spritz, rather than needing the time for it to settle. Also it lasts an impressively long time (though I can’t speak to sillage). All that to say, if you don’t like it at first, give it a little time—it may end up one of your favorites, as it’s quickly becoming in my case.

by Christine Slaughter

26 Nov 2020

A Middle Eastern Escapade

This scent travels up the nose like a whimsical cloud of decadent sand, transporting you to lands long forgotten. Like a fine wine, it gets better with time. Inside the shade of your nostrils, the markets are bustling, sheltering from the midday sun. Spices tingle the senses. Tastes and textures flare. Tradesmen haggle their beautiful, ornate wares. Remnants of leather cling onto your every fibre. The pyramids rise up from the dunes on the horizon, the golden sunset dripping off them like sweet honey. What a beautiful world we live in - and this scent encapsulates all of it. @_tomdavies95

by Tom Davies

01 Jul 2020

The Pharaoh’s Elixir

Dusty sand cloud wraps a shining, golden figure. From the top of the dune, descends the Pharaoh, makes the glare bigger. Palm trees, camels, jewels and rivers, his sparkling diamonds and rubies doubled in a perfect mirror. A sudden breeze in the stillness of the desert turns the Pharaohs head towards a single rose, the gods present. It’s Cairo, the essence of Egypt, of love, of pleasure. My favourite fragrance, my scent forever. Instagram: @sergio_ruaa

by Roberto RR

30 Jun 2020

Middle Eastern Promise

This fragrance delivers on the title itself, from the moment you spray this onto your skin your instantly transported to the middle eastern Souk Markets and into a world of enchantment, I have to say i was an absolute lover of Mr Tom Ford and although i will still purchase his products Penhaligon's fragrances are in a world of their own, unique and very opulent without being over powering utterly magical...

by Claire Hall

30 Jun 2020

Fantasy "desert rose"...

This sumptuous (yet impressively versatile) scent at once brought to my mind the ancient Egyptian perfume-making method of macerating spices and resins in fragrant wine: Cairo's dry, spicy "desert rose" feels like it's been infused in a plethora of Middle Eastern aromatic treasures. A chameleon of a scent, Cairo can feel warm/spicy, smokey/leathery or minty/oudy - depending on the wearer, the season, the climate. With its radiant, energetic opening, and its vanillic, sensual drydown, this restless fragrance amazingly evokes the dawn and dusk in the “City of a thousand minarets"... @despinavnt

by Despoina Veneti

29 Jun 2020

Truly The Best Fragrance

Close your eyes and you are transported back to the world of Ancient Egypt. The deep intenseness of the aromatic wood and saffron, give a sense of wealth and power, like its the perfume of the Gods. Echoes of vanilla engulf the noble gentleman and awaken the senses. The spices from the Middle East and North Africa ooze with every spray. It is most definitely the epitome of aristocracy.

by Michael Robinson

29 Jun 2020

The Immaculate Gentleman...

Close your eyes and you are transported back to the world of Ancient Egypt. The deep intenseness of the aromatic wood and saffron, giving off a sense of wealth and power, like its the perfume of the Gods. Echoes of vanilla engulf the noble gentleman, awakening all senses. With its dark and sultry notes, riches of the Middle East and North Africa are released. It is truly the epitome of aristocracy. Instagram handle : mia.rae_1

by Michael Robinson

29 Jun 2020

Luxurious scent

Imagine yourself along the Nile River, you slowly start hearing the noise and the hum of the city. The sun is almost ready to set down and the light is just gorgeous, the heat is heavy, almost unbreatheble, but you love it. Cairo is about luxury and opulence, an extraordinary blend of precious ingredients ready to indulge you. Did you ever think to have some gold in a bottle?

by Adelina Matei

29 Apr 2020

My first love from Penhaligon’s...

When Cairo Launched, my good friend took me into a store to try Halfeti as it was her favourite. I was attracted instantly to the gold and black packaging of Cairo, I smelt it on a beautiful Penhaligon’s scarf and I was sold! I remember spraying this on my skin and instantly falling in love with its warmth.

by Surita Dass

27 Apr 2020

Strong Rose But Not Too Sweet!

I bought this fragrance in store after testing and comparing with Halfeti. Halfeti was a little woody for me so I went for this one which I absolutely love along with the visual and olfactory story it tells. The rose does come off strong but this isn't really a deterrent as it blends so well with the other notes. Moderate longevity - Halfeti stayed on my jumper after testing and this didn't which I consider a good thing as I like to wear a variety of scents on different days and that would probably clash. Not sure about sillage yet but would recommend to anyone (although the slight sweetness might put some men off if they're more inclined to a Halfeti style of strong wood and spice).

by Max Chesnokov

10 May 2019


A drop of it transport you into a journey to exotic lands, a thousand Arabian Nights evoked in one single instant, one of the most captivating fragrances ever, totally addictive.

by Maurizio Fantato

11 Apr 2019

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Orientals are some of the richest and most sensual in perfumery’s canon, defined by warm notes of vanilla, amber, balsams, incense, precious woods and musks. Bold and personal – for those who wish to make a statement.

Trade Routes

Journey to a bygone era of exploration and daring discovery with these exotic perfumes. Trade Routes is infused with the vast array of decadent ingredients that arrived into the London docks at the end of the 19th century.



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