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So this is love. An intoxicating, mysterious fragrance: vigorous grapefruit, Levantine spice and rose tangle in the moonlight. But what’s that upon the riverbank? Could it be the fabled black rose?  

12 reviews

So this is love. An intoxicating, mysterious fragrance: vigorous grapefruit, Levantine spice and rose tangle in the moonlight. But what’s that upon the riverbank? Could it be the fabled black rose?  

12 reviews

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Eau de Parfum

Eau de Parfum
Reviews 12 reviews
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you'll turn heads

have you ever walked into a room and thought everyone was staring at you? This perfume will make them stare and with good reason! your presence will be left in every room you enter! I could scream on mountain tops how amazing this perfume is. @pharaohsarah

By Sarah Mwathunga 01 Jul 2020

The Halfeti Journey

Halfeti is a lady of luxury clad in a burgundy velvet hooded cape and black leather boots, mysterious she is as she wanders through the forest in the dark smoky night- basket full of black roses carefully picked with her bejewelled hands earlier in the evening. She leaves an opulent enveloping trail of scent as she goes. Noses of men and women are enticed by the scent but who is it, where is it coming from? A glimpse of Halfeti's seductive eyes from under the billowing velvet hood, she knows exactly who it is. Instagram: @joannexoxo92

By Jo Murph 29 Jun 2020

Hypnotic delight

Well simply Devine from the moment you first smell this beautiful scent your transported to an Arabian adventure full of pure decadent delight. The aroma of the Halfeti is one of uniqueness and I have been an avid customer of mr Tom Ford for years and whilst he is still marvellous somehow I have now found my new obsession and one I am longing to continue if you are looking for something unique and exceptional then penhaligon’s is where you need to look, simply stunning.....

By Claire Hall 27 Jun 2020

The Scent That Turns Heads

The most beautiful scent I have ever smelt. It is truly such a complex and very opulent scent. So many layers to the smell. When I wear it, it makes me feel so empowered and it really completes me. You only need a small amount as it is very strong and long lasting.

By Dane Truscott 07 Mar 2018

Colourful And Vibrant

First impression: heavy notes dominate the lot. You get hit by a zesty-sweet spice, followed by Patchouli in abundance. Accompanied by a bunch of flowery notes. Opulence is the right word to describe it. Maybe a little bit too much of the very heavy scents. It lasts for days, but do you want it to?

By Michael Zientkiewicz 29 Jan 2018

Wonderful Exotic Fragrance

A beautiful, complex scent which develops throughout the day and makes me feel very special every time I wear it. It is exotic and envelops you in a luxurious spicy scent. The fragrance isn’t at all cloying or heavy but has the perfect balance of notes.

By Graham Martin 12 Jan 2018


I have tried a number of fragrances with this house. This parfum-Halfeti- is the one which gets the most response when out and about among my acquaintances. It was stronger than I anticipated so I was putting a wee bit too much on. I normally wear colognes. But, I find myself going back to it more often and really enjoying it. Being a parfum, it last longer. Excess within control here. Please. Women also apply this fragrance. Keep an eye on your bottle - it is sure to gain admirers. I do enjoy it very much!!

By Billy Hobbs 30 Mar 2017

Amazing Take On A Rose

This is dark and less floral than you would expect from a perfume built around a rose. Its an exceptional fragrance. My wife and I both wear Halfeti, I would recommend this to anyone looking for something deep and unique.

By Sarah Thornton 11 Nov 2016


really good you wont regret it

By abdullah alothman 25 Aug 2016


I tried this today after hearing the devastating news that Elixir is going to be discontinued (Bought more to keep in stock) The good news is Halfeti is AMAZING, fell in love with it and I am now excited about wering this with the pride it deserves. Thank you to all in it's creation.

By William Evans 24 May 2016

The Best Oud Scent You Can Get

I have Aqua di Parma Oud which I thought was great and got so many compliments but this is better. I tried Floris oud but not as good. Nothing beats Halfeti . I want to find something else but keep coming back this.

By Gulam Uddin 19 Dec 2015

Beautiful Addition To The Trade Routes

This is a beautiful fragrance. The oud comes through but its the fruity elements that are the stars in this creation. The scent develops amazingly. A worthwhile purchase and a great addition to any collection. Thanks Penhaligon's for another amazing creation

By Jamil Saifurrahman 01 Jun 2015

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