Fragrance family: Citrus

Collection: Signature

Blenheim Bouquet

What-ho! As dry and fresh as the best gin – or the best of British humour. Lemon, black pepper and pine. This eau de toilette was first created for the Duke of Marlborough, and by jove it shows.
10 reviews


Eau de Toilette

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Head Notes

Lemon, Lime And Lavender


Heart Notes

Blenheim Bouquet Has No Heart Notes


Base Notes

Pine, Musk And Black Pepper


10 reviews

A Legend

Blenheim Bouquet is everything the name a suggests, an array of scents that quickly build over time- Never silent but never overpowering, understated but with a presence. Overall, the scent is definitely mature, but not outdated. It is stately, without being pompous; the lemony freshness does add an unexpected whiff when first apply and makes one wonder at the way it progresses. Its other distinction is its versatility- amazing how it portrays citrus on cotton, but sprays lavender on wool! Instagram: lavshav

by Leaw Kissoondharry

24 Apr 2020

Memories Are Time less Treasure

The first time i tried this scent, i was on the way to The Ritz hotel London for the first time with my mum for her mother's day treat in 2016. What an enchanting fragrance. The sharpness of the citrus entwined with under notes of spice. A true mix of sensual femininity and masculine energy. Both bold and fresh and oozes sheer class. This fragrance worn on such a magical summers day will never be forgotten. Simply exquisite

by Georgia Baker

23 Apr 2020

Found My Scent!!

Perfect balance of citrus and spice. Blends in without effort and lasts through the entire day. It is elegant, it is simple and it is perfect!!

by Arkaprabha Basu

10 Mar 2019

Back To Its Original Beauty

I had several bottles of BB over the years. The formula changed over time to the point that the pine notes became very watered down. Fortunately a real "restoration work" has been done. I would like to congratulated the work that Puig did with the house of Penhaligon's since it became its new owner. BB is back to its original beauty! The packaging became more luxurious: heavier glass, no wobbly caps anymore and big thumbs up for the magnetic closure of the box. I'm very happy with my purchase. If like me, you used to wear Blenheim Bouquet in the early 1990s, I can assure you that you can safely order a bottle "unsniffed". It's as good as before.

by Cedric Jernander

07 Nov 2018


Crisp and fresh with a bit of a bite. It's become a firm favourite with both my partner and myself, high praise indeed as he is picky to say the least.

by Neil Nortcliffe

22 Aug 2017

Fresh Yet Spicy

A wonderfully fresh, clean scent with a dash of spice at the end. The perfect shirt and tie fragrance. I only wish it lasted a little longer on my skin.

by Daniel Lee

07 Sep 2016


It was in Pakistan, in the former residency of the Swati Wali (The King of Swat), actually Serena Hotel, the place where I first met with this amazing fragance. Since than I have been using, gelously, my gift-samples. Nowadays, back home, I should not choose a better porfume other than my lovely Blenheim Bouquet.

by Salvatore Farfaglia

20 Oct 2015


Stayed at a hotel in London who only use this fragrance in the rooms. Loved it so much that I purchased soap, candles and bath products. Every time I use it I think of hotel 41. Definitely unisex.

by Lynn Herron

27 Oct 2014

Amazingly Aphro

Powerful and seductive. yet subtle and pleasing

by Jeremy Hopkins

09 Apr 2014

A Wonderful Fragrance

This fragrance is aptly named "bouquet", as it's array of notes are displayed in a most pleasant and elegant manner to the nose, much like a fine bouquet of flowers. What is so unique about this fragrance, and why it is a triumph, is how it perfectly handles and displays such a plethora of interlocking notes. This is the kind of fragrance that will brighten the day of a passerby while you are wearing it. A great investment!

by Nicholas Willig

04 Apr 2014

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Light, clean, classic. Citrus fragrances sing with fresh, tangy fruits or deliciously bitter orange tree elements such as neroli, petitgrain and orange blossom.


The most perfectly Penhaligon’s of scents. Take a trip to the Palace with Blenheim Bouquet. Or step into the spotlight at the English National Ballet with Iris Prima. There’s a myriad of timeless classics to delight the senses in our Signature Collection.


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