bath body - Body & Hand Wash

Halfeti Body & Hand Wash

Cleanse hands and body with Halfeti’s heady potion of rose, fruit and spice.

$54 300 ml

Luna Body & Hand Wash

An indulgent body and hand wash full of Luna’s gifts – orange, jasmine and rose.

$54 300 ml

Blenheim Bouquet Body & Hand Wash

A refreshing cocktail for hands and body, sparkling with lemon, pepper and pine.

$54 300 ml

Orange Blossom Body & Hand Wash

A honeyed floral hand and body wash, akin to bathing in sunshine.

$54 300 ml

Artemisia Body & Hand Wash

Luxurious hand and body wash scented with spice and vanilla. Divine.  

$54 300 ml

Elisabethan Rose Body & Hand Wash

A most regal hand and body wash, scented with airy rose and vetiver.

$54 300 ml

Endymion Body & Hand Wash

A lather for body and hands scented with coffee, nutmeg and mandarin.

$54 300 ml

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